Join a Groundbreaking Research Study of How Executive Leadership Teams Drive Results in a Complex World

The study combines state-of-the-art network science and analytics to assess how the executive leadership teams of participating companies function. The analysis covers the following:

  • Strategy communication and collaboration networks
  • Executive leadership team characteristics (e.g., longevity, diversity) and behaviors (e.g., cohesion, joint decision-making)
  • Alignment of priorities across the organization
  • Team leadership outcomes (e.g., alignment and commitment)
  • And more!

This opportunity is offered through a unique collaboration between the Center for Creative Leadership, the University of Houston (Bauer College of Business and Gutierrez Energy Management Institute), and the University of Georgia.

Thanks to generous funding from the University of Houston, participating companies receive the following benefits free of charge:

  • A digital report of how their leaders collaborate to set and implement strategy
  • One-hour of customized feedback and insights for action
  • Benchmark statistics once the study is completed (overall and industry specific)

To receive the benefits above, the Executive Leadership Team and their direct reports complete a thirty-minute online survey where they are asked to describe their interactions with each other and assess factors that are critical to setting and implementing the organization’s strategy.

Contact Kate Frear to learn more.