The Societal Advancement team is working to facilitate leadership development with principals and school leaders in Vermont through Education Leaders Development Programs (ELDP) conducted with cohorts of ~26 participants. As part of the ELDP, participants engage in a Key Leadership Challenge (KLC), similar to many of other CCL programs. We are interested in creating an implementation measure to help participants create DAC (direction, alignment, and commitment) around their KLC when they return to their schools. We believe that the creation of this measure will help foster a more adaptive leadership culture within the school, and will help participants be more successful with completing their KLC. This project consists of three phases: a discovery phase, a measurement creation phase, and a measurement testing and refinement phase.

Scientific Contribution:

  • Decades of research indicate the necessity of proper implementation for interventions to work as intended by the developers.
  • It is of utmost importance to understand the specific implementation processes that need to occur for a program to function as intended, especially when considering the scalability and dissemination of an intervention.
  • The Key Leadership Challenge (KLC) is an essential aspect of the ELDP. However, the implementation of the KLC within the individual schools has not been studied.
  • Understanding what leads to the successful implementation of the KLC in specific schools will aid in the development of a tool to help improve KLC implementation in all schools.

Application to Leadership Challenges:

  • Leadership development does not just happen in the classroom. The real leadership challenge occurs when leaders return to their organization and try to apply what they have learned in a very complex system.
  • One goal of the ELDP is for the learning from the leadership development to be applied within individual schools through participants addressing a Key Leadership Challenge.
  • Developing a KLC implementation tool can help provide support for principals as they address this leadership challenge.

Connect With Our Team:

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