This project continues multi-year collaborative inquiry / action research on Interdependent Leadership (aka the vertical development of leadership logics and leadership cultures) and the related issues of development and assessment at all leadership levels (individual, group, organizational, societal), including capacity building for the CCL practices of Organizational Leadership, the Relational Leadership / CONNECTED Community, and Societal Advancement. We practice boundary spanning within and beyond CCL.

Scientific Contribution:

  • We are among the first to model leadership using a relational ontology. We are among the first to define, study and develop leadership culture.
  • We are pioneers in the theory and practice of leadership as an interdependent system, within and across levels of social aggregation. This is represented in our SOGI model, an acronym for the levels of society, organizations, groups, and individuals.
  • We have helped extend the theory of vertical leadership development into these relational and societal realms, such that leadership culture itself is an object of understanding, intentionality, and development.

Application to Leadership Challenges:

  • We develop tools in conjunction with our models, through action research and collaborative inquiry. These tools are designed for collective leadership development in a complex world.
  • We target leaders at all levels, systemically. Our tools are portable and scalable, designed to be adapted globally, in all parts of society, by everybody, everywhere.
  • Leadership Culture in a Box™ is a carefully packaged toolkit, using this research and the knowledge of our field, to develop and exercise collective leadership in service of leadership culture growth and transformation.

Connect With Our Team:

Contact Chuck Palus or John McGuire to learn more.