Leading and managing across generations is a struggle for leaders at every level in an organization.  Leaders need good and practical information about what they can do to lead people of different generations effectively, and to meet the needs of younger generations who are just entering the workforce. Unfortunately what leaders currently have to rely on is anecdotal at best, misleading at worst, and often clearly ineffective. The purpose of this project is to continue to support the development of our knowledge and recommendations for how to more effectively lead people of different generations, and to continue dissemination of the work done on the subject.

Scientific Contribution:

  • Identify realities of similarities and differences among generations related to topics of interest to leaders such as engagement, retention, desire for development, and work-life balance.

Application to Leadership Challenges:

  • Provide data-based information that can be used to make strategic decisions about how to lead people of all generations and strengthen the organizations.
  • Provide strategies for simultaneously addressing the needs of younger and older generations in the workplace.
  • Identify how to meet the needs of the newest generation to the workforce so they are engaged at work and become part of the organization’s leadership pipeline.

Connect With Our Team:

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