We are examining trends in the areas of virtual coaching tools, big data and analytics, and user-driven feedback tools with pilot studies to better understand how these changes may enhance leader assessment. Enhanced leader assessment tools have the potential to expand both the depth and breadth of self-awareness, accelerating leadership development outcomes.

Scientific Contribution:

  • This project reviews the latest scientific findings in psychological assessment and examines if and how they can be adapted to assess leader attributes, competencies, and behaviors.
  • The project has conducted several pilot studies with leaders and organizations to better understand how these new trends in psychological assessment may enhance leader assessment.

Application to Leadership Challenges:

  • Leaders themselves may benefit in several ways such as getting their assessment results faster (because algorithms created from accumulated data will do at least some of the sense making for the leader), empowering them to seek feedback anytime and anywhere as they need it, and receiving more specific feedback on how he/she is showing up in the digital workplace where traces of one’s impact on others is now collected and stored in the cloud.
  • Organizations may benefit in several ways such as a lower cost to administer such digital-based assessment tools with machines doing more of the “number crunching”, being able to provide greater numbers of leaders with developmental feedback due to their lower cost, and repurposing of leadership development course time to more human value activities such as reflecting on goals and what it will take to reach them, including searching for development experiences and support networks that work best for them.

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