We are examining trends in the areas of wearables, virtual simulations, big data and analytics, and user-driven assessment with pilot studies to better understand how these changes may enhance leader assessment. Enhanced leader assessment tools have the potential to expand both the depth and breadth of self-awareness, accelerating leadership development outcomes.


  • Increased understanding of how automated assessment methods such as face, voice, and text analysis accelerate development of targeted competencies by providing an engaging yet controlled “practice field” in the virtual world.
  • Increased understanding of how big data, such as social media, and new analytical methods, such as semantic text analysis, enhance the measurement of individual differences, leader behavior, and derailment.
  • Best practices for supporting the leader’s ability to collect leadership data they need, when they need it, anytime, anywhere (e.g., pulse surveys) to enable continuous, self-directed development.
  • Reports and publications to disseminate these findings.

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  1. 4 Emerging Trends
  2. The Smallest Changes
  3. Wearables
  4. Serious Games
  5. Personality and Social Media Analytics
  6. The Rise of the Machines
  7. Big Data & Analytics
  8. The Emotional Future of Wearable Devices
  9. Real-Time Feedback
  10. Building a Better Mousetrap
  11. Radical Transparency
  12. Where Do We go From Here? Keeping Up With the Joneses