Virtual and digital learning is being touted as a way to reach global leaders faster and more cost-effectively and a way to provide busy leaders with more flexibility and more tightly integrate learning with daily work. CCL has also started to include micro learning and development programs in their development offerings. Organizations are investing significant resources in virtual approaches and many clients are asking CCL for virtual and micro learning as a way to reach a broader audience, reduce the amount of time in the classroom, and increase impact. While there is a larger body of research on virtual learning in educational settings, there is scarce evidence in the leadership development field. CCL would seek to expand the knowledge in the field regarding how virtual learning can enhance, support or supplant other types of development approaches to accelerate the development of leaders.  In addition this project would seek to expand the knowledge at CCL and in the field regarding how micro learning can enhance, support or supplant other types of digital training approaches to accelerate and increase the impact and accountability in the development of leaders.

Scientific Contribution:

  • To explore the notion of acceleration in learning by comparting virtual instructor-led training (VILT) versus face to face (FTF) and thinking about the notion of optimization in these different environment.
  • To probe impact of micro learning in CCL’s programs and planning a study.
  • To apply what we are learning to enhance CCLs approach to implementing different technologies in VILT and FTF training.

Application to Leadership Challenges:

  • Increasing the knowledge base around the role of virtual leadership training in understanding leadership and accelerating development.
  • New delivery mechanisms and methods for preparing leaders at CCL and elsewhere.

Connect With Our Team:

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact Holly Downs.