CCL’s Leadership Beyond Boundaries initiative is building grassroots communities of talented leaders around the world—and we’re learning a lot about what the future of leadership development looks like. Here we share 20 big leadership lessons we’ve learned in East Africa that can enhance communities in every corner of the globe. Join us for an inspiring glimpse of a changing world!

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Idea 1: Girls + Education
Idea 2: Technology
Idea 3: Immersion
Idea 4: Flexibility
Idea 5: Story
Idea 6: Inclusion
Idea 7: Gamification
Idea 8: Safe Spaces
Idea 9: Mentoring
Idea 10: Discourse
Idea 11: Co-Location
Idea 12: Toolkits
Idea 13: Diaspora for Peace
Idea 14: Simplicity
Idea 15: Positive Deviants
Idea 16: Millennials
Idea 17: Family
Idea 18: Networks
Idea 19: Partnership
Idea 20: Agency