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The CCL Difference

Xerox Case Study

XeroxWith competition and technology changing the context of work and creating a greater need for collaborating across borders, Xerox took a radically new approach to developing leadership talent.


  • Build a pool of leaders who are equipped to face complex challenges.
  • Prepare employees to lead and participate in cross functional, geographically dispersed and cross-cultural teams.
  • Develop more people, more efficiently, while integrating leading-edge learning technology.

Read the complete case study. (PDF, 71 KB)

Broad Knowledge, Focused Impact. CCL combines a heritage of research and development with 35 years of working with managers and executives from around the world. Our faculty has experience with the leadership issues faced by industry, government, military, nonprofit and educational organizations. The common denominator: an unwavering focus on developing leaders and organizational leadership.

An Integrated Approach. The development of individual leaders and organizational leadership capabilities takes time. At CCL, we view our work in the context of organizational systems, processes and long-term needs. We integrate the use of assessment, classroom training, individual or team coaching, action learning, and evaluation to create your customized development experience.

Collaboration. CCL expects to work closely and collaboratively with you, building from your critical business and strategic challenges. Together, we identify the competency areas that, if improved upon, could positively impact leaders' ability to meet the organization's most pressing challenges. Over time, much of our knowledge and capability will be transferred over to you.

Global Scope, Personal Touch. CCL routinely works with leaders from around the world from facilities on three continents: North America, Europe and Asia. No matter where you are, CCL designs and delivers solutions sensitive to cultural differences. Our work is adapted to different cultures, creating a consistent message and building a critical mass of leadership capability.

Results. CCL uses a range of evaluation techniques to assess leadership development impact. Our evaluations address the effectiveness of the program or initiative in meeting stated objectives. Impact assessments may look at individual learning, goal accomplishment or behavior change; group- or team-level results; or organizational-level impact.

Working Together

D6 Process

For each organization, our approach is the same but the outcome is one-of-a-kind. As a framework, we employ our "D6" process:

Discover your business challenge.
Diagnose your leadership need.
Design your customized initiative.
Develop the training and materials.
Deliver your solution.
Discern the impact.

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