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The Benefits of Customized Leadership Services

Catholic Healthcare Partners
Case Study

Catholic Healthcare Parners

Building a cadre of leaders for the future was crucial for one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the U.S.A. But ensuring those leaders held a strong sense of the organization's mission and values was imperative.


  • Identify a pool of high-potential executives and help them develop their skills in critical leadership areas.
  • Build a cadre of leaders committed to carrying on the organization's mission and values.
  • Imbue a greater sense of "system-ness" in executives across the different regions of the organization.

Read the complete case study. (PDF, 319 KB)

The Center's custom initiatives are meant to connect with your specific business challenges. Throughout the process, the organization benefits from a fluid, tailored approach. Advantages of CCL's custom approach include:

Organizational Focus. The format of the initiative, as well as specific techniques and tools, are selected based on your organization's objectives and the issues you face.

More Complete In-House Programs. The Center's custom offerings can be used to complement leadership development strategies and practices in your organization. We help you enhance your in-house training efforts (even collaborating with your other valued learning partners) to create a cohesive, strategic development initiative.

Collective Learning. A large-scale custom initiative accelerates organizational change by establishing a shared experience. A common framework for learning and leading can go a long way toward implementing change. This approach is especially effective for strengthening or changing an organization's culture.

Development Over Time. Custom initiatives extend far beyond a single event, maximizing effectiveness and providing a development experience that keeps pace with the changing needs of your organization.

Greater Flexibility. Our integrated, process-oriented approach gives you maximum flexibility in how you approach leader and leadership development. Your needs - not our routines - determine the format, focus, location, timetable and technology.

Language Options. Translating materials along with multilingual faculty and coaches open new development options for you. Our goal is to provide you with the options your organization needs to develop your people anywhere in the world.

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