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For practical information and cutting-edge research on today's most pressing leadership issues, explore an array of resources assembled by CCL's faculty experts.

Annotated Bibliographies

Review introductions to published material, in both the business and academic press, about key areas of organizational development.

  • Executive Coaching: An Annotated Bibliographya
    What does a typical coaching process look like? What are the steps that lead through that process? This book examines these questions and others in a review of the current literature about executive coaching. (more...) (PDF, 1.1 MB)
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  • Emerging Leaders: An Annotated Bibliographya
    In an increasingly global, technology-driven marketplace, a key organizational challenge is the development of leaders from the newest generation of managers. This publication provides an introduction to the current thinking about and the relevant research into developing, working with, and retaining emerging leaders. (more...) (PDF, 1.2 MB)
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Learn new and actionable tips for strengthening your leadership skills today with selections from CCL's Leading Effectively podcast series.

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QuickView Leadership Series

Review the most recently published results from the World Leadership Survey (WLS).

Research Reports

Explore peer-reviewed publications documenting completed research projects.

  • Emerging Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: Myths, Meaning, and Motivations
    In 2010, American Express and the Center for Creative Leadership embarked on research efforts to advance the understanding of, and to promote excellence in the field of, nonprofit leadership by focusing on the needs of emerging leaders. (more...) (PDF, 2.3 MB)
  • Youth Leadership Summit 2011
    Reflections and Insights from Youth Leadership Summit 2011 held March 23-25 at the Center for Creative Leadership headquarters in Greensboro, NC. (more...) (PDF, 2.2 MB)
  • Leadership Across Differences: A Report on Research and Findingsl
    The data shared in this report are drawn from the Leadership across Differences research project. We wanted to better understand what contributed to social identity tensions and conflicts in organizations and explore what leadership responses were desired and which were used. A total of 3,041 individuals across 10 ten countries participated in the survey, representing 21 organizations. (more...) (PDF, 4.9 MB)
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  • Developing Future Leaders for High-Growth Indian Companies: New Perspectives
    For businesses within and outside India, an exhilarating era of expansive global growth has arrived. Specifically in India, many home-grown businesses are seeking to double, triple and quadruple their revenues over the next decade, if not sooner. Companies are therefore beginning to show great interest in leadership development and corporate India is increasingly investing in leadership training and development. But where and how are the most important "lessons of leadership" learned and what are those lessons? This report describes the results of investigating these important questions in an Indian context. (more...) (PDF, 309 KB)
  • Developing Chinese Leaders in the 21st Century
    All around the world, better leadership is needed, and more so in growing economies like China. How can we develop more effective leaders for China-based companies? Are there experiences that would better prepare them? What lessons would they need to learn to become effective managers? To address these issues, we present relevant research findings and implications for leadership development from the Lessons of Experience-China research project. (more...) (PDF, 735 KB)

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White Papers

Learn from publications representing some of CCL's work in progress, including research projects, conferences, and innovative thinking.

  • Public Sector Leadership Challenges: Are They Different and Does It Matter?
    CCL research uncovers subtle but very noteworthy differences in the challenges that public and private sector leaders face. While at first blush, these differences appear minimal, a deeper dive tells another story about leadership challenges in the federal government, given its unique constitutional framework. (more...) (PDF, 579 KB)
  • What Makes an Effective Leader? Generations in India Weigh In
    According to CCL research, three currently employed generations in India agree that effective leaders possess six traits; however, the generations differ in how important they think each of those traits are. This paper describes the three generations in India's workforce and compares how they think alike and differently about effective leadership. (more...) (PDF, 300 KB)
  • Network-Savvy Executives: Five Advantages for Leaders in a Networked World
    In this changing, interconnected business world, senior executives can no longer rely on traditional approaches to make things happen. Their ability to leverage informal organizational networks is vital. This paper describes how one network-savvy leader transformed a traditional shipping business into a global best-in-class provider of maritime services. (more...) (PDF, 407 KB)
  • Bridging the Strategy/Performance Gap
    Why do some leaders fail to successfully execute strategies that lead to excellent business results? This paper explores how an organization's performance can be poor even when its strategy is great. (more...) (PDF, 323 KB)
  • Vertical Leadership Development - Part 1: Developing Leaders for a Complex World
    Leaders today are strained with trying to make sense of an environment that has grown too complex for their stage of development. This paper's author advocates vertical development — advancement in one's thinking capability — for leading in this increasingly VUCA world. (more...) (PDF, 302 KB)
  • The Challenges Leaders Face Around the World: More Similar than Different
    A CCL study of senior and middle managers in seven different countries found they consistently face the same six challenges. Learn what those challenges are and how they can be overcome. (more...) (PDF, 452 KB)
  • Context Matters: An Ethiopian Case Study
    Citing its Leadership Beyond Boundaries work in Ethiopia, CCL offers some lessons learned about making leadership training relevant to the culture and context in which it's being delivered. This paper is designed to help practitioners who are developing leaders in cultures and contexts different from their own. (more...) (PDF, 426 KB)
  • Leadership Strategies for Societal Impact
    Business success is closely tied to an organization's ability to solve complex problems affecting society. This means that organizations must infuse their approach to leadership and leadership development with a commitment to positive societal impact. This paper provides a detailed "how-to" on this topic. (more...) (PDF, 557 KB)
  • What Makes a Leader Effective? U.S. Boomers, Xers, and Millennials Weigh In
    Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials are more alike than different in what they think makes an effective leader, according to a CCL study. The fascinating findings of this study seems to defy conventional wisdom. (more...) (PDF, 1.7 MB)
  • A Leader's Network: How to Help Your Talent Invest in the Right Relationships at the Right Time
    The networks that leaders build can make or break their careers. This paper describes the qualities of a good network and offers ways that the Learning, Development and HR functions can help leaders build networks for career success. (more...) (PDF, 2.8 MB)
  • Sleep Well, Lead Well: How Better Sleep Can Improve Leadership, Boost Productivity, and Spark Innovation
    Leaders who get their rest respond to challenge, chaos and complexity with clarity, creativity and productivity. This paper will help Learning, Development and HR leaders to "push back" on a 24/7 culture that has executives depriving themselves of sleep to stay on top of it all. (more...) (PDF, 1.8 MB)
  • Wake Up! The Surprising Truth about What Drives Stress and How Leaders Build Resilience
    There is no such thing as a stressful job or a stressful boss, this paper's author insists. Perhaps, rumination is the source of your stress. This paper offers a new common-sense approach to help leaders become more resilient to stress. (more...) (PDF, 1.9 MB)
  • Always On, Never Done?
    Are you tied to your smartphone for work 24/7? Find out what CCL research shows that managers, professionals and executives blame for this "always on, never done" dilemma. (more...) (PDF, 655 KB)
  • Getting Real: How High-Achieving Women Can Lead Authentically
    High-achieving women often are not true to themselves as they try to live up to their organization's norms and expectations. Based on CCL research, this paper describes how women leaders can lead better by being more authentic. (more...) (PDF, 425 KB)
  • Are You Ready? 4 Keys to Becoming a CEO
    If you have CEO ambitions, make sure you have what it takes to get the job. CCL has found that the well-prepared CEO shows for kinds of "readiness". (more...) (PDF, 275 KB)
  • Blended Learning for Leadership: The CCL Approach
    Blended Learning for leadership isn't just about technology or mixing classroom with online experiences. It's not about social media or the latest trends that promise to transform learning forever. It's about building, in a thoughtful, systematic way, a structure to enable and support how leaders learn best. (more...) (PDF, 277 KB)
  • Developing Leaders in Latin America: Understanding Managerial Derailment
    How do the factors that lead to managerial derailment in Latin America differ from (or remain the same as) those in other regions of the world. This white paper examines findings of a CCL study on the derailment potential of managers in Latin American countries. (more...) (PDF, 721 KB) Also available in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • The Effectiveness of the Leadership Development Programme in Europe
    Multiple studies show that an investment in effective leadership development can deliver substantive value to an organization. Learn how CCL's flagship leadership program delivers a strong return by successfully developing critical leadership competencies. (more...) (PDF, 539 KB)

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