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Global Research & Innovation Projects & Initiatives

Since the 1970's, CCL has been studying leaders and leadership. We use this knowledge to inform our portfolio of offerings and to contribute to the larger field of leadership development. This page is organized around the newest leadership topics CCL is investigating. Click on the tiles to find out more about each topic and how to connect with our teams.

Measuring Direction-Alignment-Commitment

Measuring Direction-Alignment-Commitment

When the leadership process in a group is effective, three crucial outcomes are produced: direction, alignment, and commitment (DAC). The goal of this project is to create useful and sound measures of DAC in groups.

Network Approaches to Leadership

Network Approaches to Leadership

This project examines networks at the individual, group, organizational and societal level to generates insights that will help leaders and collectives as a whole develop network perspective and build more effective networks.

Neuroscience and Leadership

Neuroscience and Leadership

This project translates some of the latest findings from neuroscience for use in the enhancement and acceleration of leadership development. The project identifies, explores, and tests relevant neuroscience-based findings for application to leadership development.

Virtual Leadership Learning Research and Evaluation

Virtual Leadership Learning Research & Evaluation

This project is seeking to expand the knowledge regarding how virtual or digital learning can enhance, support, or supplant other types of approaches to accelerate the development of leaders.

Virtual Teams Polarity Study

Virtual Teams
Polarity Study

This research project focuses on helping virtual teams achieve greater success through the management of virtual team polarities. Polarities are ongoing pairs that appear to be in opposition to each other, but in truth, they're complimentary and interdependent.

Interdependent Leadership in a Complex World

Interdependent Leadership in a Complex World

This project aims to understand leadership as the collective achievement of people working together in an increasingly interdependent world.

The Bossy Project

The Bossy

This project examines how men and women are perceived in the workplace; particularly how interpersonal perceptions of "being bossy" can affect workplace outcomes.

What Millennials Want from Work

What Millennials Want from Work

Millennials have been burdened with a reputation as spoiled, lazy, and entitled, but the reality behind the stereotype is far richer and more complex. Who are Millennials and what do they really want?

World Leadership Survey

World Leadership

This project provides information on trends in leadership wherever it happens, as well as issues that leaders have to deal with every day such as what employees want in their leaders, trust and ethics in effective organizations, employee engagement and retention, and attitudes about work.

Senior Executive Teams

Executive Teams

We are interested in understanding the key factors that make it more likely that the members of senior teams will set aside individual and functional interests for the sake of a common good that is enterprise-wide.