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Global Research & Innovation Projects & Initiatives

Since the 1970s, CCL has built its portfolio of programs, products and services on a solid foundation of behavioral science research. CCL continues to work on many research projects to develop knowledge and expertise.

  • Wanted: Virtual Teams Looking to Improve Their Effectiveness
    CCL is conducting cutting-edge research to help virtual teams achieve greater success by learning how to leverage polarities, rather than resolving these inherent contradictions. The research is underwritten by funding from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation in partnership with the University of Connecticut and Polarity Partnerships. Your company may be able to take part in the research.  (more...)
  • CCL and Second Life®
    CCL is involved in a research study with George Mason University and the United States Air Force which involves coaching in an electronic environment. The study is being funded by the Society for Resource Human Management, and will run through 2011. We are using the 3-D immersive world of Second Life (SL™) to conduct the study. The Second Life platform is an Internet-based, multi-user, 3D world construction set, which emphasizes creativity, collaboration, socializing, and learning. CCL has developed a region in Second Life called CCL Research Island. The island is designed to support the LDP coaching and feedback experience in a fully immersive, 3-D virtual world. Today, there are 17 certified CCL SL coaches who have the ability to work in the SL medium, and these coaches will deliver 75-100 feedback sessions in CCL's Leadership Development Program.  (more...)
  • Flexible Work Styles Research
    This project encompasses the development of an instrument that assesses preferences for different flexible working styles. The instrument is adapted from Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek and Dr. Brenda Lautsch's book: CEO of Me: Creating a Life that Works in the Flexible Job Age (which was released in 2008 by Wharton School Publishing/Pearson Englewood Cliffs, NJ:). In their research Kossek and Lautsch identified different preferences regarding ways of managing the boundaries between work and the rest of life. In addition to the instrument we will develop supporting materials and instructional content (such as a workbook and exercises).  (more...)
  • High-Impact Succession Management
    Succession management has become an important talent management initiative at companies around the world. For some companies, succession management is a strategic process that minimizes leadership gaps for critical positions and provides opportunities for top talent to develop the skills necessary for future roles. With other companies, succession management is a constant struggle, viewed as an administrative exercise rather than as a competitive advantage. In strong economic times, it is easier to ignore deficiencies in the succession management process — but in the current economic downturn, the need to identify and develop top talent for critical roles has never been more important.   (more...) (PDF, 535 KB)
  • Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB)
    LBB is an initiative to understand, research, and develop leadership in underserved populations around the world and with atypical audiences that could benefit from CCL's research and expertise. Targeting the social sector, youth and young professionals, and in underdeveloped (2nd and 3rd World) countries, LBB strives to realize the CCL mission of advancing the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.  (more...)
  • World Leadership Survey
    The World Leadership Survey is currently available in 15 languages, click here to see reports on what we are learning about talent management and leadership.
  • Emerging Leaders Project
    Launched in 2000, the Emerging Leaders: Revolution, Evolution, or Status Quo? research study looks at values and behaviors among different generations of managers and leaders.  (more...)
  • Connected Leadership
    Launched in 2002, the Connected Leadership project aims to create concepts and leadership development practices that go beyond the individual leader.  (more...)
  • Leadership Strategy
    Leadership strategy refers to the human and organizational capabilities needed for an organization to ensure sustainable competitive advantage and enduring vitality.  (more...)
  • Team and Organizational Typologies
    In recent years, CCL has explored ways in which leadership development involves more than "just" developing the competencies of individual leaders.  (more...)
  • Choices and Trade-Offs
    Originally designed to develop a better understanding of the dilemmas high-achieving women face in defining and shaping their careers, the scope of the Choices and Trade-offs project has broadened to include work/life issues for men as well as women.  (more...)
  • CEO Research
    People at the corporate officer level face unique challenges in today's complex environments, with CEO turnover occurring more rapidly than ever before.  (more...)
  • Coaching Research
    Our coaching program of research is designed to better understand the practice and outcomes of leadership development coaching.  (more...) (Adobe PDF, 1.8 MB)
  • Leadership Development Research
    Using data collected through our thorough evaluation processes associated with open enrollment and customized programs, CCL is answering a wide variety of questions regarding the effectiveness and impact of leadership development.  (more...) (Adobe PDF, 1.8 MB)
  • Learning Design
    Through a variety of initiatives, CCL is utilizing best practice learning (or instructional) design to enhance the effectiveness of our leadership development portfolio and staff capabilities.  (more...) (Adobe PDF, 1.8 MB)
  • Leadership for Sustainability/CSR
    Globally responsible leadership asks business organizations to pay attention to the impact their operations have on the planet - requiring a systemic view addressing the diverse economic, social, and environmental issues involved with running an organization. Unfortunately, not much is understood about how leaders and organizations deal with these expanded and integrated principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  (more...)

European and Asian Research:

With CCL campuses in the United States, Europe and Asia, our research reflects an increasingly global perspective and adds great value to our ability to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.

  • European Research:
    Leadership for Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility - This is a study investigating the leadership and organizational practices used to implement sustainability and corporate social responsibility principles.  (more...)
  • Asian Research:
    CCL has secured grant funding and initiated collaborations with other organizations enabling us to conduct three projects extending or replicating our work in Asia -- Lessons of Experience (LOE), Understanding the Leadership Gap (GAP) and Bridging Cultural Boundaries Through Leadership (BCB).  (more...) (Adobe PDF, 1.8 MB)

Future Directions

In the future, CCL will continue to expand our research in Asia and Europe through analysis of existing data, partnerships with researchers in different countries, and new studies currently being designed.