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Thought Leaders

CCL employs a talented team of research scientists, faculty and staff that brings a wealth of knowledge to our work on leadership education and research. To learn more about members of our Research and Innovation team, please explore the following profiles:

David Altman

Title: Executive Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA
Expertise: Leadership Development; Public Health; Evaluation

Kate Beatty

Title: Managing Director, Colorado Springs Campus
Expertise: Strategic Leadership; Organizational Culture, Change Leadership, Senior Team Development

Rich Been

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: Mid-Level and Senior Executive Leadership Development; Conversations that Maximize Engagement and Efficiency; Societal Impact through Leadership Development

Rosa Grunhaus Belzer

Title: Coaching Talent Manager
Expertise: Multilingual Executive Coaching, Talent Management, Global Leadership, Coach Training

Phillip Braddy

Title: Research Faculty, Applied Research Services
Expertise: Quantitative Analyses, Research Methodology, & Leadership

Dan Buchner

Title: Director, Innovation
Expertise: Innovation Incubator

Marin Burton

Title: Master Trainer and Design Specialist
Expertise: Leadership program development, design and experiential training and facilitation with an intentional focus on engaged pedagogies

Michael Campbell

Title: Faculty & Portfolio Manager
Expertise: Talent Management, Succession Management, High Potentials, Team Leadership, Senior Executive Leadership, and Learning Agility

Janet Carlson

Title: Innovation Operations Manager, Leadership Beyond Boundaries
Expertise: Project Management; Training of Trainers; Emerging and Early Leadership; International Business Development & Grant Funding; Nonprofit/NGO Leadership; Program/Curriculum Design & Thinking

Heather Champion

Title: Senior Evaluation Faculty
Expertise: Evaluation of Leadership Development Initiatives; Developing Program Theories of Change and Logic Models; Evaluation Capability Development; Healthcare and Public Health Leadership; Early Leadership

Anand Chandrasekar

Title: Senior Research Associate
Expertise: Cultural Intelligence and Expatriate Adjustment; Job Burnout; Meta-analysis Techniques

Cathleen Clerkin

Title: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Neuroscience and Leadership Initiative
Expertise: Social Identity, Creativity, Diversity, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Leadership

Corey Criswell

Title: Faculty
Expertise: Leadership for Lawyers, Law Firms, Corporate Counsel, and Associations; Vision, Executive Presence, Challenges of Leadership, Lessons of Experience

Christine Crumbacher

Title: Evaluation Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Expertise: Educational research and statistical design with emphasis in program evaluation

Kristin L. Cullen

Title: Research Faculty
Expertise: Networks; Workplace Change; Collective Leadership; Political Skill; Leader Integrity; Multi-rater Perspectives

Jennifer J. Deal

Title: Senior Research Scientist
Expertise: Millennials, Baby Boomers, and Gen Xers; Generational Differences in the Workplace; Global Leadership; Cross-cultural Leadership; Political Psychology

David Dinwoodie

Title: Senior Faculty Global Markets, Regional Director Leadership Solutions - Latin America
Expertise: Strategic Leadership; Organizational Leadership, Performance-Oriented Organizational Culture; Internationalization Processes and Organizational Transformation; Leading Across Differences; Boundary Spanning Leadership

Regina H. (Gina) Eckert

Title: Senior Research Faculty
Expertise: Global Leadership, European Leadership, Women Leadership, Intercultural Training, Evaluation

John Fleenor

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: 360-Degree Feedback; Instrument Development; Psychometrics

Candice Frankovelgia

Title: Coaching Portfolio Manager, Senior Faculty
Expertise: Coaching C-Suite Leaders; Senior Leadership Teams; Women Leaders; Coaching Skills Training for HR and Line Leaders, customized executive development initiatives with a specialty in family-owned businesses

William A. (Bill) Gentry

Title: Senior Research Scientist & Coordinator, RIPD Internships and Post-Docs
Expertise: First-Time Managers; Leadership and Leadership Development across Cultures; Leader Character and Integrity; Mentoring; Managerial Derailment; Multilevel Measurement; Multisource Research; Nonverbal Communication; Political Skill and Organizational Politics

Kaushik Gopal

Title: Coaching Talent Manager and Faculty
Expertise: Leadership Coaching, Coach Supervision, 360 feedback, Personality Assessment, Coach Training, Coach Quality Standards, Leadership Facilitation, Team Facilitation

Ted Grubb

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: C-Suite Leadership Development & Executive Coaching; Assessments; Coaching skills for Leaders

Jamie Gurley

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: Senior Leadership Team Development; C-Suite leadership development; Team Dynamics; Boundary Spanning Leadership

Joan Gurvis

Title: Practice Leader - Organizational Leadership
Expertise: Developing and accelerating the work of senior teams; C - Suite leadership development - organizational transformation culture, strategy, talent and organizational design; Health and healthcare Executive Coaching, Resiliency

Kelly Hannum

Title: Director, Global Research Insights
Expertise: WorkLife Integration; Cross-Cultural Leadership; Women & Leadership; Evaluating Leadership Development Initiatives

Steadman Harrison

Title: General Director, EMEA Leadership Beyond Boundaries
Expertise: Nonprofit / NGO Leadership; Leadership and Peace; Emerging and Early Leadership; Innovation; Design Thinking; Training of Trainers

Nancy Henjum

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: C-Suite Leadership Development and Executive Coaching; Senior Leadership Team Development; Team Effectiveness; Emotional Intelligence; Leadership as a Process and Collective Leadership

Jeremy Hirshberg

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: Leadership Solutions Design; Development and Facilitation; Organizational Development; Executive Coaching; Team Dynamics; Talent Management; Assessment for Selection and Development; State of Mind; Resiliency; Political Savvy; Influence

Emily Hoole

Title: Group Director, Global Research and Evaluation
Expertise: Assessment of Student Learning; Evaluation of Leadership Development Initiatives; Developing Program Theories of Change and Logic Models

David Horth

Title: Senior Fellow and Senior Designer
Expertise: Creativity and Innovation

George Houston

Title: Senior Faculty Manager, Design & Delivery
Expertise: Mid-Level and Senior Executives; Executive Coaching; Boundary Spanning; Leadership Cultures; D-6 Process

Kelly Kinnebrew

Title: Coaching Practice Faculty
Expertise: Global Leadership; Process Consulting; Executive Coaching; Team Development

Kristen Kramer

Title: Global Markets Design & Delivery Manager
Expertise: Team Development, Strategic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Coaching

Roberta Kraus

Title: Senior Faculty Associate/Sports Psychologist
Expertise: Training for Consistent Top Performance; Women and Leadership; Team Dynamics; Leadership Development for Educators

Shirley Landry

Title: Faculty
Expertise: Organizational Development, Change Leadership

Jean Leslie

Title: Director, Applied Research Services/ Senior Fellow
Expertise: Applied Research, Leadership Analytics, Virtual Teams, 360-Degree Assessments and Feedback, Political Skill and Organizational Politics, Derailment, Assessment Development, Leadership Development

Jennifer Martineau

Title: Vice President, Research, Innovation, and Product Development
Expertise: Leadership Strategy, Organizational Culture Transformation, Organizational Leadership Solutions, Evaluating Leadership Development Initiatives, Portfolio Development & Management

Russ McCallian

Title: Managing Director, San Diego Campus
Expertise: Talent Management & Succession Planning, Organization Development, Organizational Culture, Creativity & Innovation in Leadership, Human Resources Leadership

Cindy McCauley

Title: Senior Enterprise Associate/ Senior Fellow
Expertise: Leader Development Practices; Developmental Assignments; Connected Leadership

Sharon McDowell-Larsen

Title: Senior Associate/Exercise Physiologist
Expertise: Fitness; Nutrition; Managing Leadership Stress

John McGuire

Title: Senior Fellow, Transformation Practice Leader
Expertise: Organizational Leadership; Change Leadership; Leadership Culture

Cindy McLaughlin

Title: Senior Design and Delivery Faculty
Expertise: Organizational Business Simulations; Strategic Leadership; Global Leadership

Kevin O'Gorman

Title: Faculty
Expertise: Strategy, Culture, Change, Complexity, M&As, Senior Team Development, Globalization

Chuck Palus

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: Interdependent Leadership, Leadership Strategy, Creativity and Innovation

Stuart Parsons

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: Senior Leadership Team Development; Team Dynamics; Creativity & Innovation; Custom Designs

Tracy Enright Patterson

Title: Director, Evaluation Center
Expertise: Evaluating Leadership Development Initiatives, Evaluation Capability Development, Healthcare and Public Health Leadership, Developing Program Theories of Change and Logic Models

Nick Petrie

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: Behavior Change; Team Development; Leading Across Cultures

Laura Quinn

Title: Global Markets Design & Delivery Manager
Expertise: Leadership Strategy; Strategic Leadership; Organizational Culture; Change Leadership & Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ron Rabin

Title: Sr. Learning Technologist
Expertise: Uses of technology for effective learning; MOOCs, Simulations; Videos for Learning; Apps; Virtual Communities; Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

Lyndon Rego

Title: Global Director, Leadership Beyond Boundaries
Expertise: Innovation and Social Innovation, Complexity and Change, Emerging Markets, NGOs, & Strategy

Diane Reinhold

Title: Design Faculty
Expertise: Boundary Spanning, Learning from Experience, Learning Transfer, and Toolkits

Stephen Remedios

Title: Faculty
Expertise: Building a Talent Pipeline, Designing High Impact Leadership Development Initiatives, Team Effectiveness, Multi-Generational Teams

Marian Ruderman

Title: Director, Americas and EMEA Research
Expertise: Women and Leadership, Work-Life Integration, Neuroscience-based Approaches to Leadership

Laura Santana

Title: Lead Faculty Financial Services Sector, Senior Faculty Global Markets
Expertise: Cultural Agility, Women's Leadership Development, Leadership Architectures for Development as a Process over time (Beyond one-classroom training model; Making development visible post-classroom; Technology driven follow through)

Davida Jones Sharpe

Title: Director, Programs and Services Design, Global Product Development
Expertise: Designing High Impact Leadership Development Initiatives, Program Development and Management, Conflict Management

Jim Shields

Title: Global Solutions Faculty
Expertise: Leadership Development in Global Organizations; Integrating organizations with Boundary Spanning Leadership; Developing Senior Executive Teams; Equipping the C-Suite Leader; Leading through Change and Transition

Roland B. Smith

Title: Vice President and Managing Director, APAC
Expertise: Talent Management and Succession, Understanding the Demands and Challenges of Senior Executive Leaders, Organizational Development, Peak Performing Teams, Organization Change, Complexity, and Transformation.

Sarah Stawiski

Title: Senior Research Associate
Expertise: Evaluating Leadership Development Initiatives, Group Decision Making

Rich Tallman

Title: Senior Faculty and Portfolio Manager
Expertise: C-Suite Leadership Development; Team Dyamics & Development; Custom Design; Global Leadership

Cresencio Torres

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: Individual Leadership Development; Small Group Development and Facilitation (Teams and Team Working); Creativity and Innovation

Jonathan Vehar

Title: Senior Faculty
Expertise: Culture of Innovation; Innovation Leadership

Christopher Ward

Title: Project Director
Expertise: Developmental Coaching and Assessment, Group Facilitation and Training, Organizational Change

Chris Watz

Title: Faculty
Expertise: Developing your Leadership Brand, Leading Change, Linking Strategy with Evaluation

Phil Willburn

Title: Faculty
Expertise: Leadership & Organizational Network Analysis; Leadership Networking; Blended Learning; & Influence

Meena Wilson

Title: Senior Enterprise Associate and Author
Expertise: Learning Leadership from Workplace Experiences, Cross-cultural Leadership and Expatriate Adjustment, Women and Leadership, Trends in Leadership Development

Joel Wright

Title: Director, Early Leadership Development
Expertise: Early/Youth Leadership Development