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Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB)

Leadership Beyond Boundaries

About Leadership Beyond Boundaries

What would our world look like if more people had access to leadership development? The Center's Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) effort aims to make leadership development more affordable and accessible in the world. Through LBB, the Center is extending leadership development to underserved populations in Africa, Asia, and North America, encompassing social sector and educational institutions, as well as young and lower-income populations.

Transforming the Social Sector

Social sector organizations take on significant challenges with limited resources. Creativity and leadership are important to those who work in nonprofits, yet these individuals have little access to training and development. CCL is working to close this gap with programs, curriculum, and tools geared to develop leadership capacity for those who work in social sector organizations around the world. Read more at

For more information contact: Steadman Harrison

Unlocking Potential for Youth and Young Professionals

A refrain often heard in our programs for senior executives is the regret that they hadn't had the experience earlier in life. CCL is working to unlock the potential of young people around the world by collaborating with education and community organizations serving youth to develop leadership tools, toolkits, curriculum, and train-the-trainer programs. We've seen first-hand the impact this work can have, from enabling young people to rise to challenges such as the tsunami in Sri Lanka, to helping orphans in Uganda gain confidence, to accelerating the ability of young managers in India to learn from experience, to deepening empathy and purpose for high-potential youth in the US. Read more at

For more information contact: Joel Wright

Working in the Developing World

The vast majority of the people in the world live in developing countries. Leadership is a lever that can propel organizational effectiveness in emerging markets, as well as unlock the greater potential of those living in poverty. The Center's efforts in Africa and India are creating local capacity to respond to leadership needs with NGOs, community organizations, educational institutions, and corporations. Read more at

For more information contact: Lyndon Rego

LBB Initiatives

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For more information, please contact Lisa Lopez ( in Advancement

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