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Leadership Fundamentals (LF)

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It's personal. We know.

Leadership isn't defined by the job title. It's about developing the perspective, skills and personal style to get results that matter.

Individual contributors — whether seasoned or just growing into their role — often lead project teams, serve as key role models in the organization, are influential team members and part of the future leadership pipeline.

Valued professionals and emerging leaders face key challenges:

Influencing without authority.
How do I manage up and influence peers?

Building relationships and networks.
How do I extend my circle of influence and begin to bridge internal boundaries?

Defining personal leadership and career goals.
What does leadership look like for me? Do I pursue a management track?

Expanding comfort zones.
How can I stretch outside of established comfort zones to solve problems and think creatively?

Leadership Fundamentals is for Individual Contributors

  • Valued professionals
  • Emerging leaders
  • Individual contributors with no direct reports

*Not recommended for managers with direct reports.

Who will be joining you in Leadership Fundamentals?

Program participants come from a wide variety of industries, organizations and backgrounds:

Participant Mix

Participant Mix

Organization Size

Organization Size