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Leadership Development Program (LDP)®

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Find out how LDP can impact you as a leader.
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Quick Facts

  • Tuition: $7,200, 6,700€, S$9,880
  • Length: 5 days
  • Average Class Size: 24
  • Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:12
  • Locations: Greensboro, NC, Colorado Springs, CO, San Diego, CA, Brussels, Belgium and Singapore
    Delivered in English.
    Additional program locations are offered through select network associates.


What's different about leading from the middle?
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If you are a mid-to-senior level manager - a leader of managers - you lead in what CCL calls "the middle zone." You operate up and down the organizational hierarchy, as well as across functions and silos. To achieve results, you must effectively manage people and processes.

Managing from the middle zone is about connecting the strategy and the everyday work. It's a demanding role for you and an essential role for the organization.

The Leadership Development Program is designed to address the leadership tensions inherent in leading in the middle zone. LDP builds the skills and confidence you need to build commitment and translate strategy into effective action.

Who should attend?

Leader Development Roadmap - Click to View

LDP is for experienced managers who work in the "middle zone" of the organization. These managers are responsible for leading other managers and/or senior professional staff. They are operational, group or department managers who have several management-level direct reports and work with multiple peers, often across functions.


By applying the lessons of LDP, managers will be better equipped to handle the tensions and ever-shifting dynamics of leading in the middle zone. They will:

  • Bridge the gap between senior management and the front line to grow alignment, build commitment and manage change.
  • Collaborate across the organization to gain critical perspectives, solve complicated problems, create buy in and manage politics.
  • Effectively manage complexity to take wise and productive action amidst complex, rapidly changing conditions.
  • Leverage the experience gained from multiple life roles to increase their leadership effectiveness at work.
  • Build resiliency to effectively manage stress, uncertainty and setbacks.