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CCL Board Member Offers Coursera Course on Positive Psychology
January 2015 - Greensboro, NC - Barbara Fredrickson, a renowned authority on positive psychology and member of the Center for Creative Leadership's Board of Governors, will offer a free, six-week online course starting next month on Coursera. (more...)

Financial Times Op-Ed: Leadership Culture Is Life or Death Matter
8 December 2014 - Europe - CCL-EMEA Director Patrick Sweet explores the powerful influence of leadership culture - and why business schools struggle to teach it. (more...)

CCL Researcher: 4 Ways to Get Email, Meetings Under Control
October 2014 - Greensboro, NC - In a new article featured in The Wall Street Journal's special report on "Leadership in IT," CCL senior research scientist Jennifer Deal shares data about the shocking amount of time professionals spend connected to their smartphones — and offers some solutions for lessening the consuming impact of emails and meetings. Her top four suggestions: 1) set a hard limit on the "reply all" function; 2) force senders to prioritize the importance of their messages; 3) restrict email traffic after hours; and 4) set specific organizational times that are "meeting-free" zones. (more...)

CCL Research Highlighted in Psychology Today
October 2014 - Greensboro, NC - The article "Make Your Self-Talk Work for You" draws heavily on CCL's cutting-edge research. (more...)

New CCL Book Names 4 Steps for Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
October 7, 2014 - Greensboro, NC - Many high-achieving leaders suffer from a confidence issue they are not aware of - and that can derail the performance of their teams and their own careers. (more...)

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