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March/April 2010 issue
March/April 2010
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Leadership in Action aims to help practicing leaders and those who train and develop practicing leaders by providing them with insights gained in the course of CCL's educational and research activities. It also aims to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between practitioners and CCL staff and associates.

Sample Leadership in Action Table of Contents and Articles:
(From Volume 30, Issue 1, March/April 2010)

  • Strategic Command: Taking the Long View for Organizational Success
    Strategic leadership is extremely complex, yet it is that very complexity that makes it critical to achieving individual and organizational success in a rapidly changing, increasingly global business environment. For strategic leadership to be effective, individuals and teams need to focus on the choices that enhance the long-term health and well-being of the organization, and make sure that tactical moves support those choices.
  • Character Study: Strengthening the Heart of Good Leadership
    Even though the importance of character in leaders is generally acknowledged in the business world, the understanding and development of character have been largely ignored by business schools and other institutions that train leaders and by organizations themselves. That's largely because the topic of character is inherently subjective and controversial. But developing character in both emerging and established leaders is not a lost cause—if undertaken with the proper perspective, it can and should be done.
  • Finding Yourself: How Social Identity Affects Leadership (*)
    It's well-known that self-awareness brought about by focusing inward is a key to generating effective leadership skills. But it's no longer enough for leaders to be aware of their capabilities, motivations, styles, and values. They now must also gain knowledge of their social identities—their membership in certain social groups and the implications of belonging to these groups. What can leaders do to develop a greater sense of their social identities?
  • From the President (*)
  • A Question of Leadership
    What important leadership competencies do leaders typically overdo or underdo in times of transition?
  • Face To Face
    Coolness Under Fire: A Conversation with James Cavanaugh
  • Issues & Observations (*)
    Avoiding the Power Trap in Uncertain Times

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