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Through our research and experience working with many of the world's top corporations and a range of clients in the healthcare sector, we understand what it takes to develop effective leaders and organization-wide leadership a in a high-pressure, ever-changing context. CCL offers a series of leadership development solutions that can help you tackle strategic, complex and critical issues.

CCL's development programs and initiatives are powerful, but also varied and flexible. We incorporate assessment and feedback, leadership research, models and tools into our development programs. Coaching and virtual learning help people put new skills and behaviors into action in the day-to-day work environment. CCL's Action Learning process deepens the experience through work-based assignments, team facilitation and coaching, and senior-level support.

We help organizations address their challenges through individual, team and system-level leadership development — and often weave together all three needs as we build solutions. Click each challenge below to see our solution.

Challenge: The organization is struggling with significant business challenges. What worked before does not work in today's complex environment.
Solution: Develop the leadership strategy and organizational culture needed to implement the business strategy. This involves work with senior executives to create the leadership culture, individual capability and leadership talent systems that are needed to adapt to change and sustain the organization for the long term. Learn more about transforming your organizational culture...
Challenge: Senior executives need to collaborate and work more effectively as a team.
Solution: Develop the leadership skills needed to create organizational alignment and lead with uniformity. This involves individual assessment and coaching, as well as team analysis, feedback and facilitation in order to improve performance and foster systems thinking. Learn more about senior executive team development and coaching...
Challenge: Administrators, managers and team members need to work in new ways while leading in a changing environment.
Solution: Identify and develop the skills that individuals need to take on leadership roles and work effectively as team. In addition to personalized assessment and feedback, this requires an emphasis on working cross-functionally, effective communication and conflict resolution. Learn more about leader development...

Our Resources and Programs

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CCL offers a variety of resources and programs that can help you build and extend your organization's leadership capacity. Working with our client relationship manager and leadership design, delivery and evaluation faculty, you will be able to tailor leadership development efforts so that you can address today's needs while building for the future. Consider these options:

  • Custom leadership development programs. We offer custom-developed solutions tailored to your unique leadership challenges - helping you adapt your organization to change, cultivate a higher level of performance, promote collaboration and teamwork, and grow a cadre of more effective leaders. Each custom engagement begins with a clear discovery, design and evaluation process that is designed to deliver long-term, transformative impact for individuals and organizations.

  • Coaching and mentoring solutions. CCL can help you build a coaching and mentoring culture and improve performance across the breadth of your organization. We use a three-step model to assess, challenge and support both individuals and teams and help you accomplish your objectives.

  • Innovative research and analysis. CCL experts can help you ground your development efforts in research and provide you with an analytical understanding of your organization's leadership practices and behaviors. We conduct individual and organizational assessments, analyze your leadership team and its culture, and provide the data you need to get where you want to go. Our evaluation team also is available to help clarify and measure outcomes.

  • Off-the-shelf leadership development programs. CCL's open-enrollment programs focus on individual leaders, helping them to build the self-knowledge and leadership skills needed at different career stages. These courses, offered at various locations, provide healthcare leaders the opportunity to step outside of their familiar context to learn along with leaders from other industries and sectors. If you are interested training a large group, ask how we can bring our programs to you.

    We offer a dozen open-enrollment programs; those that may be of particular interest to healthcare organizations include:

    Foundations of Leadership
    Learn core leadership skills, with a focus on conflict resolution and influence. Perfect for someone who is shifting from a technical or professional role to a supervisory or management role or who is taking on additional responsibilities.

    Leadership Development Program is a feedback-intense learning experience to enhance the leadership capabilities of mid- and senior-level managers. LDP helps managers assess their current leadership effectiveness and set goals for positive change.

    Coaching for Greater Effectiveness helps leaders understand their coaching style and learn to build the coaching relationship to more effectively develop the skills of others.

    Leadership at the Peak provides top executives the chance to evaluate their leadership style and effectiveness — and focus on the high-level challenges that are unique to those in senior positions.


Culture & Collaboration
Collaborative Leadership for Sustainable Health Care