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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter - April 2014 Issue

CCL's Leading Effectively e-Newsletter delivers practical articles on leadership and management to help you tackle the daily challenges of leading. Monthly issues explore the best of CCL's ongoing research and experiences with leaders around the world.

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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter
April 2014

Take Note

Research Update on Leadership Views in India
CCL surveyed three generations in India to get their views on what makes a leader effective. Charismatic, team-oriented, participative and humane-oriented top the list. The details are reported in a new white paper.

Nonprofit Leader? Learn to Influence
In nonprofit organizations, influence is particularly important. Learn how to achieve goals through effective influencing in a new CCL guidebook, Influence for Nonprofit Leaders.

Learn to Span Silos That Limit Growth
Need help spanning the silos that limit growth in your organization. Learn to span boundaries in CCL's Leading for Organizational Impact.

Upcoming Events

ASTD International Conference and Expo
Washington, DC
May 4-7, 2014

The Conference Board: Leadership Development Conference
May 13-14, 2014 - New York, NY
June 4-5, 2014 - San Diego

Making Learning Stick: 5 Strategies for Learning Transfer in Leadership Development
April 24, 2014
1-2 p.m. ET

Flip, Choose, Game, Stick: Digital Learning Today

Learning on your own time, with any device, sounds good. But does it work? CCL's Samir Mehta weighs in.

3 Ways to Help First-Time Managers Succeed

Don't let your new managers falter. Boost their leadership capability by doing three things.

What to Do if Performance Lags

Do you suffer from a gap between your strategy and its execution? If so, CCL's David Dinwoodie has some advice.

HR Pipeline: How to Make Learning Stick

Improve your chances for "learning transfer" with these five strategies.
Janice Marturano myCCL Premium
An interview with Janice Marturano, author of Finding the Space to Lead

myCCL Premium Article

Each month the Premium subscribers of Leading Effectively have access to an interview with a thought leader, author or expert. Through these interviews, we offer different perspectives on topics related to leadership. Featured in the April 2014 issue is author Janice Marturano.

Leadership Training Pays Dividends at Engineering School

Leadership Training Pays Dividends at Engineering School

Lyle School faculty and staff, working with the Center for Creative Leadership, integrated leadership development concepts — interpersonal communications, team dynamics and other critical topics — into the class.

Seeking a Speaker? Try a CCL Leadership Expert

Need a speaker at your next company event? CCL's Speakers Bureau has 50-plus leadership experts available to present the latest research and training to help prepare your organization for success. Popular topics include Boundary Spanning Leadership, Innovation Leadership and Leading Individuals through Change. Visit here to learn more!