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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter - May 2015 Issue

CCL's Leading Effectively e-Newsletter delivers practical articles on leadership and management to help you tackle the daily challenges of leading. Monthly issues explore the best of CCL's ongoing research and experiences with leaders around the world.

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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter
May 2015

Take Note

Learning Transfer:
The 3 x 3 x 3 Model™

Development is a process, not an event. CCL's 3 x 3 x 3 Model for learning transfer is one way we help our partners get the most impact from their investment in leadership development. Read more in the white paper, Make Learning Stick: Best Practices to Get the Most out of Leadership Development.

How to Be the Boss without Being the B-word (Bossy)
No one likes a bossy coworker or boss. No surprise, but new research from CCL sheds light on the interpersonal skills needed to be an effective — not bossy — boss.

Upcoming Events

The Conference Board: Leadership Development Conference
June 4-5, 2015 Chicago

ATD International Conference & Exposition
May 17-20, 2015 Orlando

Evaluating Leadership Development: How Can You Tell If It's Working?
June 10, 2015
1-2 p.m. ET

What's the Problem?

What's the Problem?

Fixing the wrong problem is — unfortunately — a common thing. For better outcomes, take time for discovery.

Women: Is Your Network Working for You?

A woman in a CCL leadership program bristled at the idea of strategic networking: "It's self-serving and political — and not who I am." She is not alone in her reaction.

Are You Facing a Problem? Or a Polarity?

A problem is something that has a solution. But a polarity is a dilemma that is ongoing, unsolvable and contains seemingly opposing ideas.
Leadership Development Evaluation: Do's and Don'ts

HR Pipeline:
Leadership Development Evaluation
Do's and Don'ts

Does the word "evaluation" create anxiety for your HR organization? Take a look at these evaluation don'ts, and let the do's guide you down the right path.

An interview with Michael Lee Stallard myCCL Premium
An interview with Michael Lee Stallard, author of Connection Culture: The Competitive Advantage of Shared Identity, Empathy, and Understanding at Work

myCCL Premium Article

Each month the Premium subscribers of Leading Effectively have access to an interview with a thought leader, author or expert. Through these interviews, we offer different perspectives on topics related to leadership. Featured in the April 2015 issue is thought leader Michael Lee Stallard.

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