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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter - July 2014 Issue

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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter
July 2014

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Are You Angry at Your Phone or Your Job?
A CCL study found that people like the convenience and connectivity of their smartphones. What stressed people out was why they had to use their smartphones: their organizations expected the work to be done in a timely manner despite wasting their time through unnecessary meetings, inefficient decision-making processes, unnecessary e-mails and inadequate infrastructure.

Public Sector vs. Private Sector: What's Different?
Are there different challenges associated with leading in the public vs. private sector? If so, do those differences alter the skills and behaviors required for good leadership? How might difference change the conversation about leadership in the public sector?

These questions are addressed in a new CCL white paper: Public Sector Leadership Challenges: Are They Different and Does It Matter?

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5 Skills for Leading Up, Down and Across

4 Rules of Asking for Feedback

Getting regular feedback — not just the occasional discussion or performance review — shouldn't be like pulling teeth. You can gain much-needed insight and input when you take four steps, says CCL's Sylvester Taylor.

Communication: 1 Idea, 3 Facts, 5 Tips

Communication is a core leadership function, and leaders need to know a whole lot more than the mechanics of sending and receiving information.

Beyond Competencies: What About the Leader's Mind?

Behaviors, skills and actions matter — but so does what happens in a leader's mind. How is that factored into leadership development?

HR Pipeline: The 6 Roles for a Successful 360 Process

360-degree assessments are widely used for leadership and talent development. But the process can fall apart if all the key players are not in place.
An interview with Howard Fero and Rebecca Herman, Authors of Lead Me Out to the Ballgame myCCL Premium
An interview with Howard Fero and Rebecca Herman, authors of Lead Me Out to the Ballgame

myCCL Premium Article

Each month the Premium subscribers of Leading Effectively have access to an interview with a thought leader, author or expert. Through these interviews, we offer different perspectives on topics related to leadership. Featured in the July 2014 issue are authors Howard Fero and Rebecca Herman.

Ingersoll Rand Invests in Women Leaders, Gets Results

Ingersoll Rand Invests in Women Leaders, Gets Results

Like many global companies, Ingersoll Rand had few women in the middle and senior management ranks of functions with profit-and-loss responsibility. In the EMEIA region, gender diversity was a particular challenge. The lack of opportunities for advancement meant women were more likely to leave the company than their male counterparts — further perpetuating their underrepresentation among the senior leadership ranks.

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