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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter - July 2013 Issue

Leading Effectively
July 2013

Take Note

Scaling Change for Global Impact

A conversation with David Altman, vice president and managing director of CCL Europe, Middle East and Africa. Featured in the spring 2013 issue of Developing Leaders, the quarterly magazine of IEDP.

Have Your Strengths Become Your Weaknesses?

Once you've discovered your strengths, you need to discover something else: Your strengths can work against you. Join internationally recognized leadership experts Bob Kaplan and Rob Kaiser for a new Webinar entitled "What Do You Mean, 'Fear Your Strengths?'"

CCL Has an OE Program for All Leader Levels

From individual contributor to CEO, CCL has an open-enrollment program designed specifically for each leader level. Find a program today.

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Succession Management Conference
New York, NY
October 17-18, 2013

Future Leaders Conference
Chicago, IL
November 14-15, 2013

5 Ways We Do the Work/Life Juggle

Everybody does it. We juggle roles, responsibilities and relationships. What we juggle and how fast might be different — but most of us have a lot going on.

Is Your Strength Your Blind Spot?

Fear your strengths. You might be taking a good thing too far.

Boost Your Interpersonal Savvy

Improve your people skills by focusing on specific behaviors.

HR Pipeline: The Value of Open-enrollment Learning

Learning to lead is an intensely personal experience — and one that shifts over time. As organizations look to boost leadership, open-enrollment programs remain a strong part of the learning mix. Here's why:

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Premium Article

myCCL PremiumKaren Stephenson Social Networks: The Power of Patterns in Human Systems
An interview with Karen Stephenson, pioneer in the science of networks

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