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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter - January 2012 Issue

Leading Effectively
January 2012

Take Note

Golf: The Abominable Game That Won't Help Your Career

CCL's Craig Chappelow writes about leadership lessons that can't be learned on the golf course. Read his column in Fast Company.

"Innovation really starts with organizations welcoming misfits and oddballs who don't think the way everyone else does."

Read how a governor transformed a state by welcoming the off-beat thinking of a novelist in "Leaders need to tap into creative thinkers," a newspaper column by Christopher Gergen and CCL's Stephen Martin.

Program Spotlight

Listen Up Mid-Managers: Enroll in LDP in 2012
Register now for CCL's Leadership Development Program (LDP)®, where mid-level managers learn how to strengthen and refine their leadership fundamentals — communication, self-awareness, influence and learning agility — as their roles become more complex and demanding. Programs are available at locations across the world.

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Trend Watch: The Challenge of Development

Nick Petrie took a year-long sabbatical at Harvard University with the goal of answering one question — what will the future of leadership development look like? He looked across fields (education, business, law, government, psychology), reviewed leadership development literature, and interviewed 30 experts in the field.

Leadership Resiliency: Handling Stress, Uncertainty and Setbacks

We live in very uncertain times. You can't avoid difficulty and stress. The question is, "How do you face it?"

Three Factors Linked to Employee Innovation

Making the right investments for innovation is a tricky business. A new study offers insight into the employee/innovation equation.

Spotlight On: Crossing Boundaries, Discovering Frontiers

Groundbreaking Leadership Across Difference research opened doors to new ways of thinking and working.

HR Pipeline: Instant Insight

Instant gratification is rarely part of the leader development world. Here's a solution to turn today's issues into learning opportunities.

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myCCL PremiumNancie Zane
What's Next for Nonprofits?
An interview with Nancie Zane and Linshuang Lu of Praxis Consulting Group