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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter - December 2007 Issue

Leading Effectively
December 2007

Take Action: 5 Challenges to Face in 2008

Get ready to take your leadership skills up a notch or two in the New Year. In this issue of Leading Effectively, we offer ideas and actions to help you enhance your approach to five common challenges.


Challenge: Getting Noticed -- in a Good Way
Do you dread the idea of touting your skills and your work? Think self-promotion smacks of showing off? If so, you are among the many managers who are missing out on the upside of visibility.  (more...)

Challenge: Desperately Seeking Innovation
Companies say they want employees with higher-level skills: critical and creative thinking skills, a willingness to adapt and the capacity to innovate. But so much of daily work life is routine and geared toward clearing the to-do list. To stir up creative thinking and innovation in your group or organization, try these idea-generating techniques.  (more...)

Challenge: Is Anyone Listening?
"She interrupts." "He's not really interested in what I have to say." "She's already made up her mind. Why does she bother to ask what we think?" If these thoughts have crossed your mind during a meeting or discussion at work, you've been talking to someone who doesn't really listen.  (more...)

Challenge: Going with your Gut
Decision-making may be off-the-cuff or a deliberate process, depending on the circumstances. In either case, trusting your instincts can be a benefit.  (more...)

Challenge: Learn from Mistakes... And Repeat SuccessesBecome a Premium member to view this content
Experience may be the best teacher, but learning doesn't happen automatically. How else do you explain the same patterns or mistakes being repeated in organizations ... and successes that are hard to replicate? To jumpstart group and organizational learning, try a technique called critical reflection.  (more...)

Results of the CCL Poll: Leading Sideways
In our November 2007 Leading Effectively e-newsletter, readers were asked about their experience with Peer-to-Peer leadership or Leading Sideways. Nearly 200 readers responded to the poll.  (more...)

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Further Your Development

CCL Workshop on Innovation:

Workshop on Innovation: Understanding the Human Principles for Sustaining Innovation
March 3-5, 2008

This workshop, part of CCL's Innovation Series, is intended for those senior leaders and managers who are charged with the responsibility of leading the innovation effort within their organizations. Topics include:

  • How to be an innovation leader
  • The human principles necessary to sustain innovation
  • Measuring the current innovation culture within an organization
  • Designing and implementing a full culture of innovation
  • How to redesign an existing culture to meet innovation goals

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