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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter - September 2006 Issue

Leading Effectively
September 2006

Everyday Leaders

Do you ever feel that most of what you read and hear about leadership doesn't apply to you? The leadership stories and advice of corporate leaders, global executives and national figures may be interesting, but they can also leave many people wondering, "Where does my leadership work fit in?" This issue of Leading Effectively is geared to "everyday leaders" - small business owners, educators, nonprofit leaders, local officials, stay-at-home moms, service professionals, volunteers and so on. So give it a read and pass it on to the everyday leaders in your life.

This issue of Leading Effectively is based on Everyday Leadership: A CCL Research Report, by André Martin, Center for Creative Leadership, 2006. It also integrates a number of key principles addressed in CCL's leadership development programs and publications.


Everyday Leadership
Although leadership can be a high-profile enterprise, more often it is exercised under the radar screen by everyday leaders in schools, homes and communities.  (more...)

Can You Relate?
Want to improve your effectiveness as a leader? Two recent CCL studies show that learning to build and maintain good relationships is a smart place to start.  (more...)

Everyday Challenge
Everyday leaders don't have it easy. From the school teacher struggling to motivate students, to the mayor trying to balance various political agendas, to the day-to-day work of running a business, everyday leaders continually face complex challenges.  (more...)

A New Balancing Act
With the tug and pull of multiple demands and time always scarce, the constant juggle of priorities can leave many everyday leaders feeling overwhelmed and out of balance. CCL's Joan Gurvis and Gordon Patterson, authors of Finding Your Balance, offer these tips to regain your equilibrium.  (more...)

Lead with PurposePremium!
What impact are you having as an everyday leader? Hopefully, your skills as a leader are connected to your self-identity and sense of purpose. If you've been struggling to find meaning in your leadership role - or simply haven't taken the time to reconnect to why you do what you do - read on.  (more...)

Results of the CCL Poll: Teams in Organizations
In our August 2006 Leading Effectively e-newsletter, readers were asked to reflect on their view of how teams are used in organizations. A total of 268 readers responded to the poll. CCL expert André Martin responds to the findings.


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Implementing an Effective Succession Process
September 21, 1-2 p.m. ET
Price: $50

Many organizations in North America and the rest of the world soon will be facing a significant number of retirements. And, simply put, there will not be enough people to replace those who are leaving. This Webinar will be focused on succession processes and how to implement them effectively.


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Feedback-intensive open-enrollment programs like those offered by CCL are designed to meet a range of needs and levels of experience. Whatever your specific leadership challenge, the everyday leader can benefit from the right training program.

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