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Leading Effectively e-Newsletter - July 2006 Issue

Leading Effectively
July 2006

A Deeper Look at Coaching: Meeting Your Challenges

A recent online poll conducted by CCL revealed some of the challenges leaders face in playing the role of coach to their direct reports and peers. Top on the list was "juggling the coaching role with other roles as a manager," "cultivating candor, trust and dialogue with the coachee" and "dealing with resistance to my feedback." This issue of Leading Effectively follows up on these and other concerns.

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Sharon Ting

View Video View a video of Sharon Ting, co-editor of the new book, The CCL Handbook of Coaching: A Guide for the Leader Coach, speaking about executive coaching.


Six Principles of Leadership Coaching
Leaders who coach direct reports and peers have a different perspective-and often different challenges — than external, professional leadership coaches. When a coaching relationship falters, turn to these six principles to refocus and adapt your approach.  (more...)

The Confident Coach: Facing Your Challenges
The most common challenges faced by leader coaches, according to a recent CCL poll, are "juggling the coaching role with other roles as a manager" and "cultivating candor, trust and dialogue with the coachee." Here we offer tips for addressing each.  (more...)

A Coach's Dilemma: Resistance to Feedback
Feedback, given effectively, is a gift that will help your coachee develop and succeed in your organization. But feedback can also pack an emotional punch. It can be difficult or confusing to hear. The coachee may deny or resist or argue. As a leader coach, you can't control your coachee's response and feelings, but you can be prepared to handle them.  (more...)

Getting on Board: Creating a Coaching Culture
What can organizations do to support the coaching efforts of leaders? How can organizational practices ease the specific challenges coaches face? Apply the "three C's" suggests CCL's Douglas Riddle: create a coaching mindset, champion a standard of excellence for coaching and campaign for coaching communities.  (more...)

Beyond the Playbook: Building TrustPremium!
In coaching relationships, trust is essential. "Coachees must be able to trust their coaches. Without trust, little can be accomplished," says CCL's Douglas Riddle. But trust is not automatically given, nor can a coach earn trust by using a checklist of techniques. To better understand the dynamic of trust in your coaching relationships, put technique on hold and, instead, explore your role in cultivating-or undermining-trust.  (more...)

Results of the CCL Poll: Job Challenges
In our June 2006 Leading Effectively e-newsletter, readers were asked to reflect on the type of job challenges they seek and how they plan to grow as leaders. A total of 214 readers responded to the poll. CCL expert Cindy McCauley responds to the findings.  (more...)

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CCL is launching an exciting new research project called the World Leadership Survey (WLS.) The purpose of the WLS is to provide a window into the way leadership is understood and practiced in different parts of the world.

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