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Building leadership excellence when and where you need it most.

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CCL's online learning products give you access to superior leadership expertise anytime, anywhere, at the click of a mouse. Learning online gives you the flexibility and personalization needed to manage your time effectively. CCL's approach to online learning uses a mix of engaging video and interactive exercises to provide you real feedback for quick transfer of learning and faster application to the challenges you face in your job.

Whether you are looking for individual leadership development that fits your busy life or blended solutions to extend and enhance your learning, CCL online solutions are a perfect fit for you and your organization.


These self-paced eCourses provide you practical tools to enhance your leadership skills. With expert content and video based simulations, you will be actively engaged throughout the process. All courses are sold as one year subscriptions.

Special Features Include:
  • Developed from CCL Research and crafted for leadership development
  • Interactive high media treatment
  • Opportunities to practice leads to greater transfer of training into the workplace
  • Encourages reflection
  • CCL faculty coaches and guides you through the process

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eCourse Topics

Online Guidebook Library

This expansive collection of guidebook resources consists of five on-demand digital libraries that provide searchable, online access to the full content of selected CCL publications. All collections are sold as a one-year subscription.

Special Features Include:
  • Ability to highlight relevant content to your learning
  • Bookmark pages
  • Notes section

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Online Guidebook Topics

Leading Effectively Webinar Series

CCL's Leading Effectively Webinar Series is the ideal way for you and your colleagues to engage in an interactive online development experience from the convenience of your own desk. With over 100 webinars available, you're sure to find a topic that addresses your leadership challenge. Fees are per viewing room/desk, not per person; invite all key staff to participate for one low cost of $75 per webinar. Learn more.

Maximize Your Webinar experience

  • Invite others to participate. Structure a group "lunch and learn" session and invite other colleagues to attend.
  • Debrief the lessons learned. Set aside time at the end of the webinar to discuss takeaways, and how they apply to your group or organization
  • Tap into your training budget. Ask your HR group or manager to underwrite the webinar as part of your organization's ongoing staff development effort.

Blended Learning

Blended Solutions offer
  • Trusted content: research and application from over 40 years of dedicated focus on developing leaders and leadership skills
  • A learner-centric approach: moves beyond the one-size-fits-all classroom in favor of an on-demand, personalized learning environment
  • Greater skills practice and coaching: as lectures are offloaded, classroom activities can focus on interaction, skills building, and rich feedback
  • Social and peer-based learning: keeps the emphasis on practical solutions to workplace challenges and makes the learning more engaging
  • Greater workplace impact: post-classroom tools and support brings the learning back to the workplace

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eCourse Topics

These eCourses are designed especially for you to enhance your leadership development. Please contact our Global Client Services to order today +1 336 545 2810 or

Active Listening (1 hour): An essential component of good leadership is willingly listening to others. This self-paced course provides instructions for how to develop more effective listening skills.

Communicating Across Cultures (1 hour): This course helps you become aware of cultural differences and show you how to adapt your communication style to enhance your managerial effectiveness.

Creating a Vision (1 hour): Whatever your leadership role, developing a vision is a vital part of your success and a powerful tool for achieving goals. In this course you will learn steps for creating a successful vision.

Developing Cultural Adaptability (1 hour): Effective leaders can work with people different from themselves, whether these people work on the next floor or on the other side of the world. This interactive, self-paced course teaches how to adapt to different cultures.

Developing Direct Reports with Feedback (1 hour): In this course, you will use tools and learn strategies for effectively developing your direct reports with feedback, whether they're located in your building with you or part of a virtual team based in different locations around the world.

Feedback that Works (1 hour) Giving meaningful and effective feedback is a critical component to helping people develop skills, improve performance, and get results. This interactive, self-paced course teaches an effective model for delivering feedback and also provides practice.

Influence (1 hour): Influence is an essential component of leadership. This interactive, self-paced course will help you enhance this crucial leadership skill so you can gain more commitment and better results from people at all levels in the organization.

Managing Conflict with Your Boss (1 hour): Conflict between managers and their bosses is inevitable but there are steps you can take to manage this conflict. This interactive, self-paced course teaches how to handle conflict with your boss successfully.

Managing Conflict with Direct Reports (1 hour): Conflict is inevitable when people work together and it's one of the most difficult challenges facing managers. This interactive, self-paced course teaches how to effectively manage conflict with direct reports that can lead to a positive outcome.

Managing Conflict with Peers (1 hour): Conflict happens. When it happens with peers, it can be difficult to resolve. This interactive, self-paced course teaches how to effectively resolve conflict with peers.

Raising Sensitive Issues In a Team (1 hour): Sensitive issues naturally arise in all team situations - successful teams know if, when and how to deal with those challenges that distracts the team from reaching its goals. This interactive, self-paced course prepares team leaders and members to effectively handle sensitive issues as they arise.

Selling Yourself without Selling Out (1 hour): You can learn effective methods of self-promotion while maintaining your integrity and authenticity. This interactive, self-paced course helps you form strategies and practice techniques to effectively promote your talents, accomplishments and contributions.

Selling Your Ideas to Your Organization (1 hour): If you've got an idea you want to sell, your need to do two things: scan your environment and use effective tactics. This interactive, self-paced course teaches you how to effectively do both so that your ideas gain traction.

Online Guidebook Library

Take advantage of CCL's content online. Please contact our Global Client Services to order today +1 336 545 2810 or

Leadership Library: A complete library of CCL's guidebooks and articles to improve leader effectiveness for you, your team and your organization.

Team Collection: Teams can produce innovative solutions, but leading them toward that goal can be difficult. This collection of guidebooks and articles focuses on the critical work of launching and leading a team for maximum performance.

Conflict Collection: Conflict at work is inevitable - but how we handle it can make the difference between effective resolution and disaster. This collection of guidebooks and articles focuses on how to resolve conflict in the workplace.

Feedback Collection: Feedback is a critical component in developing employees and getting the job done. This collection of guidebooks and articles focuses on giving and receiving effective feedback.

Individual Development Collection: During the course of your career, you will have many developmental experiences. This collection of guidebooks and articles focuses on how to maximize the impact of those experiences for your personal and professional growth.

Blended Learning Components

  • Activity-based, feedback-rich classroom events
  • Self-pace eModules
  • Virtual classroom
  • Online reference books
  • Job aids and app-based tools
  • Short videos on key CCL topics
  • Podcasts
  • Informal learning through social media