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Individual contributors through middle management.

Individual Collections:
Feedback: $19.95 (USD)*
Teams: $39.95 (USD)*
Conflict: $19.95 (USD)*
Individual Development: $39.95 (USD)*

CCL's Full Online Leadership Library:
$199 (USD)*
*One-Year Subscription

Pricing: $19.95 USD*
*One-Year Subscription

This collection of guidebooks focus on giving and receiving effective feedback. Included in this package are:

  • Feedback that Works: How to Build and Deliver Your Message
  • Giving Feedback to Subordinates
  • Ongoing Feedback

Pricing: $39.95 USD*
*One-Year Subscription

Focused on the critical work of launching and leading a team for maximum performance, this collection includes:

  • Maintaining Team Performance
  • Raising Sensitive Issues in a Team
  • How to Form a Team: Five Keys to High Performance
  • How to Launch a Team: Start Right for Success
  • Leading Dispersed Teams

Pricing: $19.95 USD*
*One-Year Subscription

Discover how to resolve conflict at work with effective resolution. Included are:

  • Managing Conflict with Peers
  • Managing Conflict with Direct Reports
  • Managing Conflict with Your Boss

Individual Development:
Pricing: $39.95 USD*
*One-Year Subscription

This collection of guidebooks focuses on how to get the most from your developmental experiences for maximum personal and professional growth. This collection includes:

  • Setting Your Development Goals: Start with Your Values
  • Reaching Your Development Goals
  • Three Keys to Development: Defining and Meeting Your Leadership Challenges
  • Preparing for Development: Making the Most of Formal Leadership Programs
  • Tracking Your Development

CCL's full Leadership Library:
Pricing: $199.99 USD*
*One-Year Subscription

A complete library of CCL's guidebooks and articles to improve leader effectiveness for you, your team and your organization. The Leadership Library includes all 46 of CCL's guidebooks.