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Networks & Partnerships

We believe that leadership is a lifelong journey for our participants and clients. This Alumni section is a resource for our alumni family, with information and tools to help you continue to grow as a leader. It also offers ways to stay connected to the Center and other alums. Alumni can also login to myCCL for further information and leadership tools for success.

Leading Insights

The Leading Insights online panel is your opportunity to share perspectives, be part of ongoing global research and shape the future of leadership development. CCL values your insight into what makes a good leader and we'll use your input from panel surveys to create new programs, products and innovative research to make you and your organization more effective. Your contribution is vital for CCL to identify and understand individual and organizational trends and needs around the world. Join the Leading Insights panel today!

Boston University

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) and the Executive Development Roundtable (EDRT) at Boston University have formed a unique collaboration to maximize learning opportunities for their members. This joint membership between the CLC and EDRT offers senior executives and leadership development professionals the opportunity to enhance their impact on their organizations and strengthen their professional growth.

Strategic Partners -- Our goal is to disseminate knowledge and enable organizations to more effectively address their leadership development challenges. In order to meet our mission, we selectively partner and collaborate with other organizations through a variety of relationships.

RSVP Design

Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI) is a network of practitioners whose members are individuals committed to fostering and leveraging creativity and innovation in organizations and for society. AMI members, through sharing and candor, encourage each other to openly explore topics of interest and support mutual learning and personal development.

RSVP Design are globally respected specialists in experiential learning design. They design high quality, versatile and practical experiential learning activities, tools, resources, games and behavioral simulations.