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Coaching Skills Development

Coaching is leading. Once you have the tools, you will find it is the most powerful form of leadership you can practice. Leaders with the proper coaching skills can motivate direct reports and work with both bosses and peers in a manner that reduces friction and enhances productivity.

CCL has both open-enrollment and customized coaching skills development programs. Coaching for Greater Effectiveness and Coaching for Human Resource Professionals are the Center's open-enrollment, classroom-based programs that provide coaching skills for leaders, from first-line managers to senior executives. Coaching Skills Workshops are CCL's customized offerings, providing organizations a range of development options, from one-to-three days. CCL works with the organization to customize the workshops for a general audience, or might target internal coaches in the human resource and organizational development areas. Designed to teach coaching skills, these offerings are not a substitute for professional coach training and recognition.

Best suited for:

  • Individuals who want to develop coaching skills for use in the workplace.
  • Leaders who want to practice their coaching skills to be more effective
  • Teams who want to increase coordination, communication, and collaboration to enable increased productivity.
  • An organization wanting to create what CCL calls a 'coaching culture.' This open and communicative environment yields tremendous business results.
  • Internal coaches (such as human resource and organizational development specialists) interested in maximizing their organizational impact.

Access and download the latest coaching podcasts from our Leading Effectively series.

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