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Individual Coaching

CCL's individual coaching provides one-on-one custom leadership development opportunities for senior managers and executives. Our coaching framework ensures that the coach and the coachee establish a sound and constructive relationship. The coach builds on this relationship, supervising the assessment, challenging the participant in a manner that encourages the stretch needed for development, and then supporting the participant to insure positive change.

Although each offering follows a similar framework, each engagement is custom designed to each participant, focusing on their particular development. Our individual coaching opportunities are: Integration of a CCL Program, Executive Leadership Coaching and the Awareness Program for Executive Excellence (APEX)®. Each offering can be integrated with another CCL program or used alone as a development step.

Best suited for:

  • Desires a more personal approach to development
  • Would benefit from a face-to-face experience with a CCL qualified coach
  • Welcomes the additional structure provided by a one-on-one experience
  • Is in an organization that recognizes the value of individual coaching
  • Might use a confidential, empowering, professional relationship to enhance the organization's effectiveness through leadership

For more information, please contact:
CCL - Americas at +1 800 780 1031 or via e-mail,
CCL - Europe, Middle East, Africa at +32 (0) 2 679 09 10 or via e-mail,
CCL - Asia-Pacific at +65 6854 6000 or via e-mail,