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About our Coaches

Coaches are the key to effective personal, team and group development. The Center believes truly effective coaching occurs in the context of an ongoing relationship between the coach and participant, founded upon experience, mutual honesty, trust and positive regard. CCL leadership coaches are highly skilled professionals with years of experience. Our rigorous selection criteria guarantee that you will be partnered with a coach who understands your issues and shares your commitment to personal development.

Our coaches are by no means all alike, but they possess a common body of qualifications and capabilities.

  • Most of our coaches have earned graduate degrees and have significant business knowledge. Many are former business CEOs, from small businesses to multi-national corporations. Others are licensed psychologists and owners of independent businesses.
  • All CCL coaches are highly trained in the use of assessment instruments and feedback techniques. They have demonstrated competence in learning theories and the dynamics of the change process.
  • All possess a diversity of experience and style that allows for strategic, well-planned, well thought and intentional matches between our coaches and participants.
  • All share a code of professionalism for maximum impact.
  • All are flexible about adapting to your busy schedule.

Each coach undergoes a rigorous selection and training process unlike any in the industry, with oversight provided by CCL's Chief Assessors. Our Chief Assessors continuously monitor the effectiveness of coaches and their value to clients and insure an excellent fit between the coach and the coachee. This dedication to coach training and constant quality control sets CCL coaches apart from other providers.

For more information, please contact:
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