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Practical Insights

92% of executives surveyed by CCL said the challenges their organizations face are more complex than they were just five years ago.

Accelerating Performance White Paper (2010)

CCL offers solutions for
solving complex challenges

Leadership skills need to evolve and adapt to meet the constantly changing conditions and challenges of a global marketplace.

Whether it is a deep pool of high-potential talent whose leadership development you would like to fast track, or a handful of key executives ready to take the next step; or your personal desire to assess and improve your leadership skills, we have the solutions for you.

CCL's suite of offerings includes:

  • Leadership Programs - scheduled courses available to the public, offering research-based, practical techniques and insights, as well as great networking opportunities with other top executives from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and industry sectors.
  • Custom Solutions - tailored in-house programs that fully match your organizations' needs, processes and requirements.
  • Coaching Services - whether utilized as post-program follow-on support or as a stand-alone service, coaching helps prepare a leader for a greater scope of responsibility or to make a leap forward in leadership capability.
  • Assessments - an integrated approach to both world-renowned CCL assessments like 360 By Design®, and other popular assessments like MBTI®, Firo-B®, CSI® and many more.

CCL's Leader Development Roadmap meets you where you are
and takes you where you want to go

The quality of your leadership drives the performance of the organization. CCL accelerates your strategy and business results by unlocking the leadership potential in your organization. CCL drives results by partnering with organizations to align leadership strategy with business goals, optimizing the organizational environment for leadership and harnessing the energy of a well-developed workforce.

The Leader Development Roadmap connects the challenges leaders face every day with the essential skills they need to be successful. We've created a flexible suite of development resources targeted to five levels of leaders:

Leading SelfIndividual contributors, professional staff and emerging leaders

Leading OthersLeaders of individual contributors

Leading ManagersExperienced leaders who lead other managers or senior professional staff

Leading the FunctionSenior leaders of organizational functions or divisions

Leading the OrganizationTop executives leading the enterprise

Leadership skills should continue to evolve and adapt in order to meet the constantly changing conditions and challenges of a global marketplace. CCL's Roadmap connects leaders to the right development at the right time. With the Roadmap, organizations have the information they need to steer leader development, fuel sustained success and prepare all leaders for what's next.

Browse the tabs below to see the array of programs, coaching, assessments, and other resources for each level.

Leader Development Roadmap