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CCL - Americas - Overview

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CCL offers a range of locations in which to participate in our educational programs, seminars, research, and other activities in the Americas. We are headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and have additional campuses in Colorado Springs, Colorado and San Diego, California. To make our programs available to a wider audience, we currently have agreements with licensed and certified Network Associates to conduct one or more of our programs on a open-enrollment or custom basis.

Here is a closer look at our capabilities and the various services that we offer in the Americas:

Open-enrollment and Customized Leadership Training
CCL offers a dynamic portfolio of open-enrollment programs at our three campuses in North America and affiliate locations. Some 20,000 participants attend these programs each year. In addition to this training, CCL offers customized training solutions for approximately 200 client organizations each year. Leaders from more than two-thirds of the Fortune 100 companies took part last year.

Assessment Tools and Performance Support
In the 1970s, CCL pioneered the use of 360-degree assessment. Today, the Center offers a wide array of assessments and performance support tools that identify behaviors and provide increased self-awareness for development.

Ongoing Research and Published Work
CCL engages in the study of individual and organizational development, not only to contribute to the field of inquiry but to help people in their quest to become better leaders. For a complete listing of publications available through CCL, visit our Leadership Publications section.

Opportunities for Staying Connected to the CCL Community
The Center creates life-long relationships for leaders and their organizations through our networks, councils and forums; via conferences and events; and by keeping in touch through newsletters, alumni activities, and special interest groups. The Center seeks to create a community of leaders interested in leadership and supportive of leadership development. Friends, alumni, partners, donors, clients, associates and interested individuals are encouraged to join the CCL community.

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