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Our Pledge
to Research

Vicks VapoRub

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) story begins with Vick Chemical Company, the Richardson family business which amassed a fortune from the international sales of Vicks VapoRub. Concerned about sustaining family businesses, the Richardson's decided to use their wealth to fund research on leadership and creativity, hiring behavioral scientists and scholars to do so. So the engine of research has been, and will always be, at the heart of CCL's mission, driving bold innovation in leadership and leadership development.

Our Promise
to Partner

If you are looking for a partner who is pro-actively pursuing research and innovation in this region, and understands India's potential influence on leadership theory and practice, we invite you to connect with our Research, Innovation, and Product Development (RIPD) professionals at We are interested in hearing your views on:

  • What is your most pressing human resource challenge right now?
  • Which leadership development practices are yielding the highest pay-offs in your organization?
  • What leadership capabilities are missing, but must be developed to sustain your organizational growth?

CCL's researchers raise difficult issues, pursue practical insights, and can marry research findings to innovative leadership development applications in your organization. As learning partners, we will work with you to design and deploy interviews, trend polls, surveys, in-depth stakeholder conversations, classroom data collection, card sorts, visual image and metaphor selection exercises, and focus groups. We will join hands with your senior executive and HR teams to discover and decipher relevant information, ensuring the healthy growth of leadership in your organization.

True to the idealistic vision of the founders, our commitment in India is to one rallying slogan: "Yes, we can turn 'action into ideas' and 'ideas into action'" — by using a range of resources such as publications, products, and workshops, as below.

Practical Insights

Leadership is a process, not a title. It's about working with others in ways that establish direction, create alignment and build commitment.


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Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Insights from Corporate India

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Insights from Corporate India

Based on in-depth interviews with over 100 senior Indian executives from eight world class companies headquartered in India, this book is a compendium of insightful stories about learning to lead. The book also provides practical guidance about operating a business in India. Upcoming managers from anywhere in the world can use the Seven Experiences, Eleven Lessons model and the well researched self-assessments, to become top leaders in global organizations. More

Experience Explorer™

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The Experience Explorer™ set includes a facilitator's guide and one deck of 99 cards. Experience Explorer™ equips a facilitator with a simple, energizing tool to help managers explore their most memorable workplace experiences and what they learned about leadership from those experiences. This tool is based on proven research and offers the opportunity to accelerate leadership development — enhancing leaders' ability to learn from experience at all levels. Experience Explorer™ is much more than a personal inventory of experiences and lessons. It emphasizes the specific types of experiences and dimensions of lessons identified by CCL research as common to leading in organizations. A coach or consultant facilitating Experience Explorer with multiple leaders or a classroom instructor facilitating an educational session will need to provide each leader or student with a personal card deck. More