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Assessment Workshops & Follow-on Services

The Center for Creative Leadership pioneered 360-degree assessment and feedback in leadership development. Today we provide a vast array of tools and customized services to meet the needs of human resource professionals, university-based management educators and independent consultants. We help our clients implement the entire 360-degree process from start to finish so they can move their organizations confidently through every critical phase of the development process.

Feedback Workshops and Follow-on Services

Orientation Briefing
Our Orientation/Kickoff Sessions prepare participants for the feedback process.

Conducting a group briefing session outlines the process and expected outcomes for assessment, feedback delivery and creates buy-in for senior executives, participants and their raters. It also educates participants about the importance and proper use of 360-degree feedback and instructs them about proper rater selection.

Feedback Facilitation Workshop
Facilitate 360-degree feedback workshops for managers and executives, using experienced CCL staff. CCL feedback facilitators conduct the workshops, which begin with a group session followed by individual feedback sessions, typically designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Provide an overview of the assessment instrument that enables participants to interpret their own personal data.
  • Educate participants on the concept of developmental planning, demonstrating the use of the development planning tools to use when creating their own development plan.
  • Introduce the aggregate group data and facilitate a discussion with the participants about the interpretation of the data. Link the data to your strategic business objectives as appropriate.
  • Conduct individual feedback sessions with participants.

Development Planning Workshop
Incorporate a follow-on session which enables clients to build upon the development planning that started in the feedback workshop.

Impact Evaluation Services
Gain a better understanding of the benefits and impact of using a 360-degree assessment for leadership development.

Group Profile
Compiling and outlining your group's aggregate data from a CCL 360-degree assessment will allow your organization to see trends, strengths and development areas that exist across an entire group or division.

Assessment Certification Workshop

Because effective facilitation is critical to the successful use of CCL's sophisticated assessment tools, we require that they be administered only by certified professionals. CCL can conduct custom certification workshops for participating organizations, or individuals can receive certification by attending our publicly offered Assessment Certification Workshop. In either workshop, participants receive the certification required to administer all 360-degree assessments, including the CCL Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Suite, comprised of Benchmarks® for Manager™, Benchmarks® by Design™, Benchmarks® for Executives™ and Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™. Through a blended approach with pre- program interactive work, classroom presentations and hands-on practice sessions, participants will receive the credentials and experience necessary to structure, design and implement a 360-degree process in their organization.

Additional Specialized Services

Competency Mapping
Develop the content of a customized Benchmarks by Design questionnaire or map your organizational competencies to one of CCL's standard research-based assessments.

Project Planning and Design
Design an organizational process for implementing a 360 initiative, to maximize the impact of the experience.