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Global6 - Overview

Effective Leadership is in the Eye of the Beholder


Global6 is a 360-degree assessment designed for leaders who work with colleagues from different parts of the world, experienced leaders who have increasing global responsibilities, expatriate leaders, and leaders who will soon transition into a global role.

Global6 helps individuals understand how others view their leadership effectiveness in a global context. It provides feedback about others' expectations of outstanding leadership and how aligned the leader is to these expectations. Leaders will gain insight into views of leadership different from their own.

The assessment is based on cutting-edge research into the characteristics that constitute outstanding leadership in 62 cultures around the world.


  • Provides a greater understanding of one's leadership effectiveness and what people from different cultures expect of a leader
  • Emphasizes the need to be open-minded and flexible with leadership styles and beliefs
  • Offers information that will help develop leadership capability in your organization

Special Features

  • Based on research provided by the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) study about what people expect of outstanding leaders.
  • Designed to collect feedback from bosses, peers, direct reports and others.

To support and strengthen the impact of your Global6 initiative, we offer a range of services, including:

  • Project Planning and Design
  • Orientation Briefing
  • Facilitator Certification Training
  • Feedback Facilitation Workshop
  • Development Planning Workshop
  • Evaluation Services
  • Internet-based administration and data collection
  • The assessment provides feedback on:
    • Leadership expectations and perceptions of self and raters
    • Relative alignment between expectations and perceptions for all rater groups
    • Specific areas of high rater agreement and high rater disagreement
  • Regional breakout of feedback reported by rater's cultural region
  • Short — takes 15 - 20 minutes to complete

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Global6 unique?

  • The results indicate the alignment between the raters' expectations of ideal leadership and their perceptions of the effectiveness of the person being rated.
  • The unique reporting format provides suggestions to do more/do less. It also provides feedback broken out by rater region.

What is the research behind Global6?
The assessment is based on the GLOBE project, a study of 17,300 managers across 62 societies that examined cultural differences in leadership expectations. The GLOBE study established that effective leadership is in the eye of the beholder-individuals in different cultures often have different expectations of what outstanding leadership looks like. Global6 measures leaders against this set of expectations.

What specifically is measured by the six dimensions in Global6?
The six dimensions in Global6 stem from implicit leadership theories that people develop through socialization and observing role models of good and bad leaders. These dimensions measure leadership characteristics in their broadest sense, and in the way that a wide range of people might describe a leader's behavior, attitudes, and skills. The participant's raters determine whether these leadership characteristics are important for leadership and whether the participant is effective on those dimensions.

Why is Global6 a great choice for global managers?
A traditional competency-based assessment is founded on the assumption that there is a specific set of universal competencies (skills, knowledge, and attitudes) that leaders need to be successful. Global6 allows raters to indicate what is most important for effective leadership from their own cultural, geographic, or social context.

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