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KEYS® to Creativity and Innovation - Overview

Assessing Organization Climate


KEYS to Creativity and Innovation is a team and organizational assessment that measures the climate for creativity and innovation that exists in a work group, division or organization. It assesses the work environment; specifically the management practices, resources, motivations and interactions. It can be used to jump start creativity, to communicate the importance of creativity and innovation within an organization and as an assessment preceding any type of innovation or change intervention. Similar to a leader who receives 360-degree feedback to gain self-awareness, work groups and organizations need to assess their environment before implementing a development plan to improve the climate. KEYS to Creativity and Innovation can also be highly useful when organizational restructuring has been unsuccessful to bring about desired change.


  • Reveals pockets of excellence as well as areas with critical development needs when comparing categories such as departments, functions, or locations.
  • Identifies the most important factors that support or inhibit innovation and creativity.
  • Provides suggestions for improving the climate for creativity and innovation.
  • Provides hard data needed to develop the innovative culture within and across business.

Special Features

  • Quantifies the most important factors that support or inhibit creativity and innovation
  • Designed to collect feedback on employees' opinions of the work environment
  • Internet-based administration and data collection
  • Provides comparison with the overall normative group or one of 17 industry normative groups
  • Reveals pockets of excellence and critical development needs using demographic and comparison reports
  • Includes debrief presentation templates to help you guide the analysis of results with others and set a plan of action
  • Available in English only

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KEYS to Creativity and Innovation a 360-degree assessment?
No, KEYS is a team and organizational assessment and not a 360. Think of KEYS as an employee opinion survey based exclusively on research about the climate for creativity and innovation.

Do I have to be certified to use KEYS to Creativity and Innovation?
Facilitators need to complete the Facilitator Qualification form to use KEYS.

What organizations are in CCL's normative database?
The KEYS norm group consists of 186 groups from a variety of functions and departments in over 200 different organizations. These organizations represent industries such as high technology, biotechnology, and electronics; chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and health products; traditional research and development, traditional manufacturing; banking; and consumer products. CCL uses a very selective process when choosing organizations for the norm group.

Can CCL compare our data to organizations in a similar industry?
Yes, for the 17 industries listed below. You can choose the norm group to be used in the report.

Industry Sub-Industry
1. Automotive 12. Computer Software & Services
2. Chemicals 13. Personal Care
3. Computers & Office Equipment 14. Drug & Research
4. Conglomerates 15. Government
5. Consumer Products 16. Advertising & Printing
6. Electrical & Electronics 17. Consulting
7. Food
8. Healthcare
9. Manufacturing
10. Nonprofit
11. Service

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