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CCL — Recognized as a Top Provider of Leadership Development Worldwide

The following rankings define CCL's character as the very best institution for leadership development, in addition to being one of the first and largest providers of leadership education. They underscore CCL's reputation as an innovative learning organization that remains at the forefront of the leadership development field.

CCL Earns a Top 10 Financial Times Ranking for 12th Straight Year

CCL celebrates 12 consecutive years of Top 10 rankings in the Financial Times worldwide survey of executive education — and remains the only institution among 70 in the survey that specializes in leadership education and research. (more...)


2013 Financial Times   2013 BusinessWeek   2013 Top Workplace, Greensboro News & Record

2012 Financial Times

2011 Financial Times   2011 Program Wins Award   2011 BusinessWeek

2010 Financial Times

2009 Financial Times   2009 BusinessWeek

2008 Financial Times

2007 Financial Times

2006 Financial Times   2006 "Best Places to Work", The Business Journal

2005 Financial Times

2004 Financial Times

2003 Financial Times   2003 BusinessWeek

2002 Financial Times

2001 BusinessWeek

1999 BusinessWeek