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Impact Evaluation Services

What if...


Evaluation Center
Do you know if your leadership development efforts are working? more...

  • You had the knowledge of your results, when you need it?
  • Your organization created a culture of learning that continuously shares and uses knowledge?
  • You could help build the future through leadership?

Evaluation can help you...

Understand the impact of your leadership efforts. Your leadership investment is a major commitment, but it can have big payoffs. A robust evaluation protocol can help you to know what is happening as the end result, and what value it is bringing to your work.

Align results with actions. An effective evaluation can measure results, but it can also provide a continuous check on progress and tell you what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how it will bring about the change you want to see.

Engage stakeholders. Evaluation results can give everyone, from the board room to the classroom, the information they need to become engaged and to stay committed through the life of a program.

Invest in knowledge. In today's companies and organizations, knowledge is the most important asset. Evaluation of your leadership development helps build the organization's knowledge through customized metrics, reflection, and continuous learning.

What we do

Our services. The Evaluation Center offers a complete range of services, including initial consultation and discovery, evaluation design, data collection, analysis, reporting, and post-program follow-up to ensure usefulness and satisfaction.

Our Portfolio. For decades, CCL's Evaluation Center has designed and conducted evaluations for clients in the corporate, government, nonprofit, and educational sectors on six continents. Its evaluations of programs in youth development, women's leadership, and developing countries complement its work in the business sector and mirror CCL's dual commitment to help build stronger companies and more livable communities.

How we work

Custom evaluation designs that meet your needs

CCL designs each evaluation to meet the client's individual and specific needs. A custom design will reflect the client's goals, the specifics of the program being evaluated, and the kind of information that is needed.

Tools and metrics that deliver accurate findings

CCL's industry-standard set of evaluation tools includes rigorous 360 assessments, end-of-program surveys, customized impact surveys, focus groups, interviews, and creative approaches such as the use of projective techniques that engage participants. Data are stored, tabulated, and analyzed using a state-of-the-art data platform.

Reporting and dashboards that give you on-time knowledge

CCL generates evaluation reports that range from complex analyses to brief, powerful impact studies charting success "on the ground." CCL uses both standardized and custom report templates and dashboards to provide you with just the information that you need, when you need it, in ways to help you use it. The Evaluation Center also prepares PowerPoint slides and customized reports to communicate knowledge to a variety of audiences as needed.

An evaluation report is only the first step. CCL helps you to use findings and knowledge throughout your organization, designing custom solutions for using evaluation findings to drive learning and improve impact.

As an organization or company leader, one who values innovation and understands leadership, you can use evaluation to guide learning and ensure that you see the results your company needs.

About the Evaluation Center

The Evaluation Center is a global leader in the evaluation of leadership development. The Center designs and implements evaluations of leadership development for businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and school systems. The Center comprises a core team of Ph.D. and Master's level evaluation specialists and consulting evaluators with extensive experience in evaluation design, quantitative and qualitative methods, and communication of results. Through presentation and publication, Evaluation Center faculty also carry out an ongoing research program that seeks to advance knowledge in the field of evaluation.