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Leading Strategically

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Quick Facts

  • Tuition: $7,500
  • Length: 5 days
  • Average Class Size: 24
  • Instructor/participant ratio: 1:12
  • Locations: Colorado Springs, CO
    Delivered in English


Having a strategy and being "strategic" are two very different things.

Many organizations wrongfully assume once their strategy is written that every division, department, group and individual will know how to prioritize their work and connect with others across the organization to achieve it. Yet it takes more than just having a strategy.

You need a strategic leader — someone to effectively and efficiently prioritize, influence and make productive connections that implement the strategy. To be successful in implementing a strategy it requires leaders who know how to use skills like thinking, acting and influencing to strategically work up, down and across the organization.

The Leading Strategically program provides senior leaders with the tools and practice to apply new leadership skills to more effectively align and execute strategy. You will start by using our proprietary assessment for development framework, pioneered and proven by CCL with clients for over 40 years. You will better understand your strategic leadership strengths and weaknesses and explore how to develop and sharpen skills while developing an action plan to leverage those skills with real world challenges. Throughout the week, you will engage in an intensive organizational simulation, where you will be able to experience the challenges of leading strategically by balancing the complex aspects of leadership while managing the day-to-day operations.

Who Should Attend

Leader Development Roadmap - Click to View

Upper-level executives and senior managers who are responsible for strategy in their organizations.


  • Identify the strategic drivers that are key to successfully executing the organization's business and leadership strategies.
  • Ensure that leadership strategies align with business strategies.
  • Leverage strategic thinking, acting, and influencing skills to maximize leadership effectiveness.
  • Gain deeper understanding for the implications culture has on strategic leadership as well as how to work within current culture and influence culture change for greater performance potential.
  • Implement leadership strategies to create Direction, Alignment and Commitment across organizational boundaries.
  • Successfully leverage organizational priorities that may be in conflict.

Looking for the Developing the Strategic Leader (DSL) program? CCL's NEW Leading Strategically has replaced DSL. Please contact us for more information to learn what is new!