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Leadership Development Program (LDP)®

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Greensboro, NC
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It's complicated. We know.

Mid- to senior-level managers — leaders of managers — often say their job is complicated. Exciting and interesting, yes, but definitely not simple.

What are the challenges?

Getting the top and the bottom of the hierarchy to work together.
Leaders effectively manage people and processes up and down the organization.

Collaborating across the organization.
Leaders think and act across organizational functions and silos — and help others to do the same.

Mastering greater complexity.
Leaders handle uncertainty, solve multi-dimensional problems and deal with interconnected systems.

Tackling big priorities on all fronts.
Leaders seek success in demanding jobs and in roles outside of work.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP)® is for Leaders of Managers:

  • Experienced managers who lead other managers and senior professionals.
  • Operational, group, or departmental managers.
  • Leaders who work up, down, and across the organization.

Who will be joining you in LDP?

Program participants come from a wide variety of industries, organizations and backgrounds:

Participant Mix

Participant Mix

Organization Size

Organization Size